6 Best Dating Tips Men Must Follow

Whether you are dating for the first time or went for repeated dates so far, the success of each of your romantic venture lies on the strategies you take.  Thus, it is needless to mention that dating is just another love game that demands a few calculated steps and carefully engineered attitude so that each of your dates go crazy about you. If this impresses you, read further to know the basic dating tips for men.

Top Dating Tips Men Must Follow

Aesthetics Matter

6 Best Dating Tips Men Must Follow

It is hardly an issue whether you are a naturally handsome looking guy or not or how educated you are, what is most important is your aesthetic quality. You need to look your best. So, go for clothing that suits you perfectly well. Go for well tailored stuffs that fit your contour perfectly well. Carry the right attitude.

Look Hygienic And Sorted Out

Although ruffian looks and rough, unshaven stubble make a man appear like a macho guy, it is not a look much women love! Majority of women love men are clean shaven and appear hygienic. So, earn yourself a plus point when you go for dating by sporting a clean shaven look.

We suggest that a professional shave is a plus point for the day of your dating as it imparts a scrupulous clean and soft face. Having a hair trimming will adds bonus to this.  Get your nails clean and filed as well since women prefer hygienic men.

Smell Pleasant

Women love fragrances. So, when you dress yourself to kill on your date, you cannot complete your look unless you have applied generous quantities of perfume. It will ensure that you remain smelling fresh for a longer time and the pungent stinky smell of your sweat will not spoil the mood of the entire ambiance.

6 Best Dating Tips Men Must Follow

Choose men’s perfumes and go for the ones that suit perfectly well with the season. An expert tip for you in this regard is that you can go for spicy fragrances for winter and fruity ones for summers.

Be Well Aware Of The Society

Only love and looks do not satisfy women. You need to show the fairer sex that you are well aware of the current affairs and have individual opinion to some of the raging incidents as well. This means that prior to a date you must make it a point to read the newspaper regularly and listen to the news as well, so that you have more topics to converse about other than your personal issues, girls and love.

Sound Confident

Timidity does not scope any point in front of the womenfolk. Hence, if you wish to make your date overwhelmed with your charming personality on the very first day of your date, it is essential that you must sound confident. Be comfortable with the attire you flaunt, have conviction in what you utter and sport the right attitude. All of these will work together in making you appear confident.

Do Not Crave For Sex

Another golden rule for men on dating is that, keep sex out of your mind, especially in the first few meetings with your dating partner. A guy, who looks for options to end up in bed right within a few days of dating gives an impression of being a debauch and sex maniac. Instead of this, you should portray the look of a gentle man. It will enhance your chances of winning over a fail lady.