6 Best Sex Positions For Men In And On The Car

Best Sex Positions For Men

From the day men started to look for some change in daily sex car became one of the places for it. There was horse driven carriage before auto mobile. So whenever a couple got a chance they made love in the seclusion of box cabin of a horse driven carriage. This tradition continued when auto mobile came. Modern cars with air conditioning system or heater and adjustable seats are even more comfortable place to have sex in private. Here are a few poses that a man can perform with his partner during love making in the car.

Some Words Of Warning Before Proceeding Further

Before going to discuss sex positions in car in details here are a few words of warning for those who like to have sex in car. First of all never ever try to have sex during driving. This is for your own safety as well as those on the roads.
Always park your car in a secluded place and have sex. If it is inside a garage that is most welcome. When you have sex with your partner in the front seats of the car always look out for the hand brake. If the car is in neutral position, accidental dislocation of the handbrake can bring problem.

Sex Positions In The Car

Front Seat Position

Lotus Position With A Variation

You can practice this either on the driver seat or on the passenger. Push the back rest in a bit tilted position and make your partner sit on your lap facing you and make love. This being a car your feet will touch the body or floor of the car instead of being stretched on a bed.

Lotus Position With A Variation

Partner On Lap Facing Away

Take your partner on your lap while she sits on you facing away from you. You can hold her from back and play with her breasts and kiss her back or neck, She can either put her hands on the sides of the seat or rest her hands on dash board or roof of the car.

Partner On Lap Facing Away

Sex Positions In The Back Seat

Woman On Top With A Change

Some cars have a single continuous backseat while some have separated backseats. If you have a single backseat lay down on it and ask your partner to strap your hands with the belts or on the holder that is just on the side window. Now your partner can tease you with foreplay before making love while remaining on top.

Sex Positions In The Back Seat

From Behind Pose

Ask your partner to kneel on all four as on the seat while you enter her from behind. As a car has low roof a couple should adjust their positions according to it. Couple who are tall will have difficulty in performing Doggie style sex if the roof is not removable.

From Behind Pose

Sitting On Lap With Legs Stretched For Tall Couple

A tall couple or any couple can practice this pose from backseat. The man in this pose sits in the backseat with his legs stretched forward when his female partner sits on his lap facing away from him. The legs of the man will rest on the sides of the passenger seat. The female partner can also take support of the passenger seat with her hands as the man enters her from behind.

Sitting On Lap

Sex On The Hood Or Bonnet Of The Car

Facing On Or Away While Laying On Hood

Now for positions that can be performed outside on the hood of the car. You should park the car where there is no body at all. Let the engine get cool if you are driving. After the engine is cooled ask your partner to lay down on bonnet or hood of the car either facing you or away from you as you enter her. One thing that you should keep in mind is lovemaking on the hood of the car won’t give you that much comfort like bed as a hood is a solid thing.
Now if you have a car and have plan for love making in and on it kindly take proper precautions (as told in the warnings) and enjoy.

Bonnet Of The Car