6 Best Sex Positions For Men To Get Spouse Pregnant

Sex Positions For Men To Get Spouse Pregnant

There comes a time when after enjoying some happy moments together a couple wants to strengthen the family bond. They want a child who will make their family life filled with joy. To have a child wife or the female partner should get pregnant. For conceiving experts say that regular love making is very necessary. it is seen that a couple always try different postures of love making to decrease boredom in sex life. But when it comes to getting pregnant some of those postures should be avoided until the woman is pregnant. The couple should avoid Woman on top position ( because the vagina remains upward when the woman is on top). Besides foreplay is very necessary for pregnancy. The penetration by the man must go deeper into his female partner.

Here Are A Few Love Making Tips That A Man Can Perform To Get His Partner Pregnant

1. Missionary Position

This is the most effective sex position for pregnancy. The missionaries preferred this to be the only lawful love making posture for pregnancy. In this pose the man lies on top of the woman and enters her. As the woman lays on her back the sperm easily can travel and enter uterus through vagina and cervix. The man has to remain sometimes inside his woman even after ejaculation takes place. He should advice his partner to lay down on her back for at least 20 mins after the love making.

Missionary Position
2. From Behind Pose

This is commonly known as Doggie style. It is also preferable for pregnancy as the penetration goes deeper. The man enters his partner from behind as she kneels down on four on bed or takes support of something with her hands.

Standing while penetrating from behind
3. Edge On The Bed Position

Make your woman lay down on her back on the edge of bed. Take her legs upon your shoulders. As the vaginal opening widens penetrate her and go as deep as you can.

Edge of the bed position
4. Rocking Position With Embrace From Behind

It is also known as Magic Mountain position. The man places his chest on her back, deeply and passionately embraces her around her chest. The penetration goes deep in this. There is a rocking sensation too. The man could use pillow for the comfort of his partner.

Rocking position with embrace from behind
5. Man On Top Taking Support On Hands

A slight variation of missionary position. In this the man penetrates deep into the partner while tilting his upper part of body upward taking support on his hands. The female partner can raise her legs bending in the middle too. The man can ask her to embrace him with legs while he enters her.

Man on top taking support on hands
6. Twin Spoon Position

The man and his partner can lay down on bed side by side with her back to him. He penetrates her from behind.
So you want to extend your family. if you are really serious then avoid much adventure and experiments in love making. Follow the positions particularly the missionary one depicted above and make love frequently.

Twin spoon position