6 Best Sex Tips For Men That Can Be Performed In Shower

Best Sex Tips For Men  In Shower

Love making is very necessary for long lasting happy family bond. Experts say that if not regularly but at least 3 times a week love making is very necessary. If it is regular then it is obviously good. But regular love making can sometimes call for boredom. To make sex life more interesting and free of boredom a man can take regular love making practice with his partner out of bedroom to other places. Practicing love making in shower is one of those. Besides running water over body helps in the arousal also. Here are a few tips that a man can follow while practicing sex in the shower.But before going to shower kindly discuss this idea with your partner.

Here Are Sex Tips For Men That Can Be Performed In Shower

1. Rubbing Soap On Each Other

After taking his partner in the shower a man can apply or rub shower gel or body soap in and around the body of his partner. He can ask his female partner to do so to him also. This rubbing or applying gel or body soap to each other works as foreplay before great love making session in the shower.

Rubbing Soap On Each Other

2. Penetration From Behind

Now for the penetration part this position is popularly known as the Doggie style. The female partner takes support on the wall or the glass of the shower room when the man enters her from behind.

Penetration From Behind

3. Taking Partner On The Lap

If the man is large and strong he can lift his partner to his lap holding around her buttocks while she embraces him around the neck with hands and around the waist with legs.

Taking partner on the lap

4. One Leg On Floor Position

If the man is not so large or strong or instead the female partner is strong and well built they should follow this tip if they want to avoid penetration from behind. The man can hold his partner around her buttocks while she embraces him around the neck with both hands. Then the man could ask her to embrace him around the waist with one leg while the other leg will be on the floor of bathroom. The female partner can take support of a wall with one hand if she wants to. The penetration goes deeper in this position.


5. Man On Top Position In Bathtub

In bathroom sex also can be performed in the bathtub also. You can take your partner to water filled bathtub and enter her from remaining on the top or you can take your partner on you also.

In bathtub

6. Arousal Tip After Bathing

After the bath is over a man can ask his partner to dry his body with towel. He can do this to her also. Moreover after taking consent from his female partner if a man sucks water droplets from the female partner’s wet body one by one the arousal will be great. This will lead to a great post bath love making while still in shower or bathroom.

Arousal Tip After Bathing

You want to bring change in your daily love life? Have not performed sex in shower yet? Follow these steps. These will lead to great love making session while bathing.