6 Conditions That Cause Hypersexuality Disorder In Men

Conditions That Cause Hypersexuality Disorder In Men

Practice of sex has given birth to some diseases that cause harm to a man if not taken care early. Hypersexuality is such a disease.

What Is Hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality is a disease or a kind of disorder that occurs when an individual shows unusual or extreme indulgence in sexual activity. The term hypersexuality was used in a medical journal in late 1880 first. From then on it has been called by other names like compulsive sexual behavior, erotomania, excessive sexual drive, hyperophilia, paraphilia-related disorder, nymphomania (in women) etc.

Symptoms Of The Disease

It a kind of disorder in which a man indulges in frequent sexual activities irrespective of getting any pleasure from it. Besides this sexual urge often drives him to take steps that put him into the risk of contacting STDs. A man with this disorder is seen to be involved in excessive sexual activity in order to escape from mental depression, anxiety sometimes loneliness. This disorder often puts a man in severe problem with his family and society therefore with law. He looses interest in everything other than sex. This lowers his self esteem. If the man has a job he will certanly face difficulty with it.

Things That Causes Hypersexuality In Men

1. Injury suffered In The Brain

The temporal or frontal lobe of our brain controls libido or sex drive in human. Any injury in that area can cause extreme behavioral change in a man that can bring hypercexuality.

Injury suffered In The Brain

2. Dementia Can Cause This Disorder

A recent research shows that dementia, the harmful brain disorder in which a human being looses his or her ability to remember and carry out daily works can cause hypersexual disorder also.


3. Bipolar Disorder Causes Hypersexuality

People who have bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness and show extreme mood or over activity can have problem of hypersexuality.

Bipolar disorder

4. Neurological Disorders Cause Hypersexuality

Several neurological problems such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, Kluver-Bucy syndrome, Kleine-Levin syndrome etc can cause hypersexual disorder in a man. It is also seen that nearly 10% of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease show symptoms of hypersexuality.

Neurological Disorders

5. Medications To Treat Other Disease Can Cause This Disorder

Sometimes hypersexual disorder can occur in men as side effects who use drugs for Parkinson’s disease.


6. Side Effects Of Using Street Drug

Hypersexual disorder can occur if someone uses the drug methamphetamine through smoking or by injection.

Side Effects Of Using Street Drug

Parting Thoughts, Treatment Of Hypersexuality In Men

Of course hypersexuality in men can be cured like all other diseases. For this, the reason has to be determined first. If it is side effect of some medicine or related to other disease the treatment should be according to that. If it is related to some addiction like street drug, stopping it or counselling will do some work.If someone shows such a behavior all you have to do is to contact a doctor first.