6 Effective Foods For Hangovers

Hangovers foods Ok here’s the situation. You had a great deal to drink at a party last night and came home only in the wee hours of the morning. You thought a few hours of sleep would be enough and that you would be able to wake up feeling fresh enough to attend the important board meeting arranged for today.

On the contrary, you wake up with one of the worse hangovers you have ever experienced. Time is running out and you can barely manage to drag yourself out of bed. What would you do? Simple. You just head out to the kitchen and bite down on some of these foods that do wonders in recuperating your body from a nasty hangover.

6 Effective Foods For Hangovers

Ginger Tea

Almost all of us know that ginger on its own has numerous beneficial effects on the body. However, not many know that ginger tea is one of the best natural cures for hangovers and offers both immediate and effective results.

In addition to relieving that incessant headache you are suffering from, ginger tea once consumed would reduce stomach cramps while aiding in the easy digestion of alcohol present in the stomach.

Orange Juice, Toasted Bread and Egg Combo

This might sound as a strange combo for a hangover cure, but trust us. Follow this tip and you will be out of your bed in no time at all. Bite down on some fresh oranges to replenish your body with vitamin C (helps control the feeling of nausea) and all the water you lost out (alcohol causes dehydration).

Toasted bread can control vomiting and bloating that usually occur during hangovers. Boiled eggs contain high amounts of protein which when consumed can help your body filter out the harmful toxins present in the alcohol, thus making you feel fresh and active in no time at all.

A Strong Cup of Coffee

Coffee is yet again another hangover cure that would get you refreshed in no time. But wait. We don’t mean the standard variety of coffee that you drink on a daily basis. The best coffee that can definitely cure even the worst of all is the one made of rich cocoa.

Effective Foods For Hangovers

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A few cups of this beverage at regular intervals throughout the day would help prevent headaches and nausea in addition to stabilizing your blood pressure and body metabolism levels.


Prevention is better than cure they say. And what better way to take care of a hangover than preventing it in the first place? The next time you are about to visit the bar or have been invited to a party where you know you would need to drink, make sure to eat a couple of bananas before heading out.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium and complex carbohydrates which would effectively provide a cloak like effect to the intestine, thus keeping your body hydrated for longer periods. Although this doesn’t mean that you can drink as much as you want and still feel great the next day; eating a few bananas beforehand would definitely help your body recover faster from a hangover.

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Vitamin Drinks

Make sure that you always have a couple of vitamin drinks stocked up in your refrigerator for emergency purposes (in this instance, a hangover). These drinks contain vitamins B and C which are water soluble and thus are easily (and quickly) absorbed by the body. This way, they start helping the body recover from a hangover as fast as possible. Don’t opt for drinks that contain too much sugar though.

Rehydration Powders and Solutions

Keep some of these stocked up as well. The body would lose out on its water content with too much alcohol. Rehydration powders and solutions would make sure that your body gets back whatever minerals it lost due to alcohol. Both the solution and powder need to be diluted (add some water) before being consumed. You can also have some extra packets of the powder with you and consume it at regular intervals throughout the day.

Analgesic, Pain Killers and Antacids

If nothing else seems to work out, you can always opt for some painkillers, antacids and analgesics that could ease the body pain caused by a hangover. Antacids on their part also help to reduce the acidity caused in the body due to the high alcohol content in the stomach.

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