6 Great Foreplays That Men Can Perform From Behind

Great Foreplays That Men Can Perform From Behind

Foreplay always plays a great part in lovemaking. From long ago caressing, teasing and fondling a partner before the ultimate pleasure have become sort of a norm in the art of lovemaking. But stress particularly stress in the workplace is creating dysfunction in erection in men today. If the male organ is erected maintaing it for sometimes becomes a bit difficult. So modern men always try to penetrate his partner very fast in act of lovemaking. But foreplay always plays great part in the ultimate arousal of the female partner. This arousal makes the vagina wet with vaginal fluid which helps the female partner to take the penetration with ease and comfort (it is a general rule. But mental stress, side effects of medicine, birth control pill can have effects in vaginal secretion also). So great foreplay is necessary for the comfort of female counter part. Here are 6 great foreplays that a man can perform from remaining behind his partner.

Here Are 6 Great Foreplay’s That Men Can Perform From Behind

1. Hugging From Behind

The man has to hug his partner from behind first. But this hug is no ordinary hug. Do not just grab her from behind. Gently hold her, Place your arms just below her arms and gently take her hands in to yours.

Hugging from behind

2 Talk Exciting Things To Her

Now after hugging his partner from behind a man can start talking softly to his partner. He has to lower his voice to a seductive tone and talk about her beauty and attractiveness,how much he loves her and what he is going to do her next. if the woman is excited she will give a very soft seductive smile or make some gasping sound. Then the man can move to next steps.

Talk exciting things to her

3. Kiss On The Neck And Back

Now once she has shown excitement the man can start kissing the parts of neck and back which are exposed. Kissing neck and exposed back from behind is definitely going to excite the woman. The man can kiss the cheeks too.

Kiss on the neck

4. Sucking The Neck From Behind

Just like kissing if a man gently sucks exposed part of neck and back it delivers the same excitement.

Sucking the neck from behind

5. Fondling The Breasts From Behind

Breasts are very sensitive and delicate parts in a woman’s body. If after kissing the female partner raises one of her arms to the man he has to gently grab her breast from behind. He should start pressing it gently and tickle the nipple with finger.

Fondling the breasts from behind

6. Rubbing Thighs And Buttocks From Behind

Additionally after tickling with breast a man can rub one of his hands to various parts particularly buttocks and thighs from behind to excite his partner. For thighs he can rub his hand all around the thigh of his partner.

Rubbing thighs and buttocks from behind
Now a man can see that his partner is fully aroused. He can lift her and take her to bed for the ultimate pleasure. Do not worry, you do not have to perform all these acts. Some women get excited very fast so you do not have to perform all these at once.