6 Great Sex Tips For Men

You might be an excellent lover and consider yourself the most physically competent male. But you need to stand by what you feel. Therefore, whether it is the first night of your honeymoon or the first sexual encounter, treat it as the judgment day of your male prowess. 

6 Great Sex Tips For Men

Make your woman realize that you are the most treasured possession of her life and there is nothing better she could have expected from life. We bring here some handy sex tips that you need to keep in mind in order to show that you are a real man. Inculcate these tips in your love life and enrich personality.

Great Sex Advice For Men

Sweat It Out

You might consider this tip as a bizarre notion! But believe us, men sweating out during the climax make women crazy.  If you naturally sweat a lot, it will act as a blessing during your sexual encounter. It is a sign of increased testosterone, hinting that you are too sexy!

In case if you are not a naturally blessed guy, put off the air conditioner, curtain the windows and scale down the speed of fan. These will make your room warmer and make you sweat. Reveal it more by flaunting your bare body with drops of sweat all over. She will crave to be all yours.

Change The Place Of Love Making

Do not limit your sexual excellence within the four walls of your bedroom.  In order to add variety to it, go for physical intimacy everywhere you feel the urge to do so. You can choose your bathroom, kitchen counter, backyard under the clear sky and everywhere else, where you are assured of privacy and safety. This will add variety to your love making and make her impressed with your sense of innovation.

Experiment With Different Sexual Positions

6 Great Sex Tips For Men

It will be too monotonous if you adhere to the same old missionary posture of love making and dominate her in bed. Let her take the role of an active love maker too. Not only that, add further spice to your sex life by experimenting with different sexual positions. This will make her wildest sex dreams come true.

Talk Lusty While In Bed

Experiments have shown that being verbally nasty and lusty while love making boost the adrenaline spur manifold. It makes the sex partners more hot and enjoy the conjugal session optimally. Hence, next time you have a sexual encounter with your partner, be a bit naughty and talk dirty. You will be amazed at how fast she gets heated up and craves for your attention.

Make Her Attain Orgasm

One of the vital sex tips for men, which make their female partners most satisfied with their bed performances, is that men must give priority to the orgasm of their women. Hence, help her attain orgasm before you finish off with your job.

Stimulate Her Body

You will have an edge as a master lover when you stimulate her body while making love to her. Pay attention to every part of her body and caress each and every part of it with different things other than your fingers and hands only, such as your tongue, lips, a flower or a feather.