6 Holy Sanskrit Tattoo Designs For Men

Holy Sanskrit Tattoo Designs For Men

As tattoos are becoming increasingly popular fashion accessory, men are trying to have tattoos that are socially acceptable, culturally sophisticated, spiritually ascending and intellectually sharp. There are many cultures around the world which work as sources of such tattoos. In India the ancient language of Sanskrit has given birth to many interesting and popular tattoo designs.

Meaning Of A Sanskrit Tattoo

Sanskrit is the ancient language of India. Aryans came into India from middle Asia and conquered the tribes mostly in north and north eastern India and settled here. They brought the language and culture of Sanskrit with them. All the ancient texts like Vedas and Upanishads in India were written in Sanskrit. Though Sanskrit is not a popular language in modern India still it is considered as holy by the Indians. In religious ceremonies across the country, mantras and slokas or lines from holy texts to worship gods are recited in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is called the language of the gods. The letter of Sanskrit is called Devanagari. Sanskrit tattoos mostly follow words and verses in that language. A Sanskrit tattoo in the body suggests anything auspicious and holy. Of course a Sanskrit tattoo stands for spirituality, peace, non violence, inner strength and happiness in life.

Places In The Body Where A Sanskrit Tattoo Is Done

A Sanskrit tattoo can be done in the places like chest, back, arms, shoulder and neck.

Here Are 6 Auspicious Sanskrit Tattoo Designs For Men

1. Om Tattoo Designs

Om is the most powerful word of worship in Sanskrit. If someone utters this word with a peaceful mind and eyes closed, something happens. A mental strength comes from within. The most available Sanskrit tattoo in the market.

Om Tattoo Designs

2. Gayatri Mantra Tattoos

The second most popular Sanskrit tattoo is perhaps the Gayatri mantra. The holy mantra to worship the Bramha or the almighty, is a favorite tattoo design that is mostly done in either circular way or in horizontal lines form, in back or in the chest.

Gayatri Mantra Tattoos

3. Shanti Word Tattoo Designs

The utterance of Sanskrit words gives strength as well as peace in mind. Peace is called Shanti in Sanskrit. Shanti written in Devanagari tattoo is aplenty in the market. A man can add the word Om before it also.

Shanti Word Tattoo Designs

4. Lord Buddha with Om Tattoos

Lord Buddha means truth, spiritual ascension and peace. There are many tattoo designs that have the face of Lord Buddha done inside the word Om.

Lord Buddha with Om Tattoos

5. Lotus with Sanskrit Words Tattoo Designs

Like Lord Buddha, a lotus flower also suggests spirituality and holiness. Sanskrit verses with image of a lotus is common tattoo design that can be found in the tattoo market.

Lotus with Sanskrit Words Tattoo Designs

6. Indian Gods With Sanskrit Words Tattoos

Images of Indian gods with Sanskrit words are also found in tattoo market. The most interesting designs have outlines of Lord Ganesha done from the word Om, the spear like weapon Trishula of Lord Shiva with Sanskrit words and flute with peacock feather that represent Lord Krishna with Sanskrit words.

Indian Gods With Sanskrit Words Tattoos

So you want to have a Sanskrit tattoo in your body. You can choose any from the list given here.