6 Important Skin And Hair Care Myths

Skin And Hair Care Myths With plenty of myths and rumors surrounding skin care and beauty products these days, it has become difficult for the normal individual to select the right choice based on word of mouth alone.

Here are some common myths about hair and skin care that everyone should be aware of. These myths and the original facts behind them can help safeguard the health and longevity of both skin and hair in the long run, thereby saving individuals the trouble of visiting expensive salons to get treated for issues related to the same.

Hair Care Myths You Should Know About

The Chlorine Present in Swimming Pools Will Make your Hair Turn Green in Color


Chlorine does not directly affect the hair color. Chlorine when added to water can oxidize certain metals in the same (usually copper) and create agents that bind to the hair shafts when the latter are immersed into the chlorinated water. These agents are responsible for the green tint appearing in the hair after swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool.

Another fact surrounding this myth is that while blondes are more susceptible to experiencing this issue, given the fact that their hair color is already a lighter shade; individuals with dark colored hair have lesser chances of contracting the issue.

Mayonnaise can Make your Hair Shinier than it Already is


Agreed that adding mayonnaise to your hair can make it look shiny considering the fact that the acids present in the product would close the  hair cuticle scales and make them look smoother and shinier.

But then, there are so many other products available in the markets that offer the same if not better results. So why opt for mayonnaise and end up looking like a cheesecake?

Skin Care Myths

Applying Cucumbers to the Eyes can Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles

Totally true! Cucumbers are loaded with anti inflammatory properties (like vitamins A and C) which act on the skin under the eyes, reducing puffiness and making them look naturally brighter, thereby reducing dark circle in the process.

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Products that Claim to Shrink the Size of Pores

Facial problems like acne, pores contain genetic traits that contribute to the size of the pores present on the face. And so, there is possibly no way you can shrink the size of a pore. Alternatively, you can opt for gentle exfoliating treatments thrice a week to minimize the appearance of these issues in addition to getting rid of the bacteria that causes them as well.

Skin Care Myths

Greasy and Sugary Foods Can Cause Acne

It is commonly believed that chocolates, sweets, desserts and greasy foods can cause acne breakouts. While this may be true in cases of extremely sensitive skin, it is known that the main reason for the formation of acne is the buildup of excess sebum and bacteria in the area.

And this is not solely related to sugary and greasy foods alone. There are plenty of other ways for you to get acne than just by eating chocolates and oily foods.

Shaving Hair Can Cause the Area to Become Rough and Prickly

The main reason for this myth is that shaving body hair tends to break the hair follicle at the mid shaft instead of removing it completely from the root. Hence, when the hair grows back, it does so in the form of thick, large stubble which naturally makes the area rough and prickly.

Spider Veins can be the Result of Crossing your Leg

The next time someone advices you to not cross your legs for fear of developing spider veins, ask him/her to mind his/her own business. While there is no concrete proof that crossing your legs when sitting down can cause spider veins (also popularly called as varicose veins), other known reasons for the issue include obesity, high blood pressure and lack of physical exercise.