6 Must Know Tips While Buying Eco Friendly Clothing

Buying Eco Friendly Clothing Eco friendly clothing is also known as sustainable fashion or eco fashion. This type of fashion is gaining popularity day by day. For all those who are very environment friendly it has become an integral part of their lives.

According to them it is their social responsibility to act in a wiser manner regarding environment and this can be done through wearing proper clothes which are eco friendly. These days many of the organizations and companies are providing the opportunities to the eco friendly designers who respect the environment and design clothes according to that.

Clothes that are designed in this way do not contain harsh chemical products. It mainly contains natural and recycled fibers like jute, hemp, bamboo etc. And with the growing concern about the global warming and related issues, people are becoming aware about the hazards of the chemicals as they are taking a toll on people’s health. So, everybody is becoming conscious and mending their ways.

Check The Labels For Organic, Natural and Recycled Clothing

Organic clothing is one of the types of sustainable clothing. In this type no chemicals, pesticides, insecticides and hazardous substances are used. These products can be made from animals. Next type from which environment friendly clothing can be made is natural clothing.

In this the fabric is made from the fibers which are derived from plants and animals and involves decomposition process. Another type is when the products have been recycled through workshops etc, wherein old fibers is recycled and used in producing new fibers and new products.

Recycled products are very eco friendly and thus save different type of resources which are used in making a new product. If you really want to go in for eco friendly clothing then check the label of the cloth that it falls in any of these categories or not.

Go In For Fabrics Like Cotton, Wool and Hemp

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics available with high comfort level and light weight. It makes a wonderful choice. But is not the best eco friendly material to be used because many pesticides are used while producing cotton fabric. Just check that the cotton fabric you are buying is made from pesticide free produce or not.

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Wool is one of the most high end material used. It is eco friendly as the material directly comes from the animals. The level of eco friendliness of this material depends upon how the animals are raised. And it is always mentioned on the product that is it eco friendly or not. Hemp is also one of the most eco friendly raw materials used.

It is a crop so the work of the consumer is to simply check out that the product has got the label of the crop and that the product is eco friendly.

Check the Composition of the Fabric

Always choose clothing which is organically manufactured. Because organically manufactured cotton always contain dyes which are less hazardous.

But make sure of one thing that sometimes natural fibers also contain contaminated materials and manufacturers mix the natural fibers with the toxic fibers which are not at all environment friendly. So be careful and read the composition of the fabric carefully before making a final choice.

Bamboo clothing is a good choice

Bamboo clothing is one of the best clothing. And the products made from bamboo are very much environment friendly. Because bamboo is bacteria resistant plant and do not require pesticides, insecticides and other toxic substances for its growth it is one of the best option.

men Bamboo clothing

Buy eco Friendly Clothing During the Sale Period

Earlier people were not much aware about this concept of eco fashion or sustainable fashion that is why they had this misconception that prices of such clothes are very high.

But as the awareness is increasing day by day the result is that the prices are going down. The sale period is best time to buy these clothes as you can buy them on heavy discounts.

Choose the Stylish Clothes

As the awareness about the environment is increasing so are the benchmarks for the designers. Designers are designing clothes which are in the trend and are not out of the fashion. Trend setters are moving on keeping in mind both the environment and ongoing trends.

High end professionals and models are also mending their ways and adopting the use of eco friendly clothing. So, choice really matters here. Choosing the stylish fabric which will suit your looks is very essential.

These days there are a lot of brands coming up in the market who offers environment friendly clothing. Eco fashion is not only for the adolescents or teenagers but for the babies too.

Clothing made from materials like nylon, synthetic etc are not good for the skin and contain hazardous material. In this type of clothing consumer can never be satisfied as it can leave rashes on the skin and can also lead to some allergic diseases.

Clothes with benchmark

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Not only the eco friendly clothing is coming up in the market also the eco friendly toys, eco friendly footwear, eco friendly diapers etc. are also gaining popularity. From eco friendly hats to scarves and eco friendly stoles to eco friendly bags the range is just endless. You can pick up eco friendly accessories and mix and match them with the clothes to gain different and stylish look.

Little changes in life ans lifestyle can lead to bigger achievements in the future and can make things better for coming generations. If more and more people of the world start adopting these measures and start changing their lifestyles and become consious about these measures then only we can save earth from these dreadful disasters like global warming etc.

Eco friendly clothing is a very excellent measure to start with. Environment friendly clothing is trendy, stylish and comfortable at the same time. Buying environment friendly clothes means that you are taking a step ahead to balance your environment.

Don’t you want to preserve natural resources for the future generation? So “wear natural and be pure” and lets save our mother earth!

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