6 Positions For Great Sex On Sofa For Men

Positions For Great Sex On Sofa For Men

As the art of home and interior design evolves more and more couple are coming out of their bed room to do love making on sofa of their newly designed drawing room. Sofa actually provides opportunity to carry out love making that can be performed on bed as well as on a couch. If the sofa is soft and squashy the pleasure is greater. A red sofa is seen to excite couple also.

Here Are Some Great Sex Positions That A Man Can Perform With His Partner On His Drawing Room Sofa

1.Missionary Position With Great Foreplay

Take your wife or female partner to the drawing room sofa and make her lay down on it with back. Start kissing on one of her legs (you can kiss both legs one by one) and move upward. She will embrace you with her arms as soon as you reach her breasts. Start kissing her neck. As she allows you with hers legs spread enter her.

Missionary Position With Great Foreplay

2. Missionary Position With One Leg Spread Upward

This is just a variation of the previous position. The man cam ask his partner to spread and move one of her legs and put it on the sitting cushion of the sofa. The penetration will be great with this change.

Missionary Position With One Leg Spread Upward

3. On The Lap While Resting On The Floor Position

Take your partner on your lap as you sit on the sofa with legs on the floor. The female partner will face you and she will arch backward and put her hands on the floor. You have to hold her tight on the thighs or waist. For added convenience you can take a pillow to rest your back on the sofa.

On The Lap While Resting On The Floor Position

4. Sofa Is For Great Anal Sex

Sofa allows couple to perform great anal session too. The couple either can go for the simple Doggie style or the man can ask his partner to put her hands on one of the arms of the sofa and take its support while he goes from behind.

on sofa

5.The Couch Position

In this position the man has to rest on his back on one of the arms of the sofa (with a soft pillow) with his legs spread but slightly bent on knees. The female partner should sit on his lap with her legs on his shoulders. She should rest her back on the thighs of his man. The man should hold her in the waist and together they form a comfortable couch position. The pleasure is great.

The Couch Position

6. The Great Embrace Position

If the couple is of same height and physical stature they can perform this on sofa. The man embraces his partner around the waist while he sits on his knees on the sofa. The woman faces him as she takes support of the arm of the sofa with hands and arch a little bit backward. She should embrace her man with legs around the waist and allow him to enter her. This position cab be performed with the man kneeling on the floor if the woman is short.

The Great Embrace Position

So if you have intention to bring a bit change to your daily love making routine, get out of the old bed room and enjoy the pleasure of great love making on the drawing room sofa.