6 Steps To Great Foreplay

Steps To Great Foreplay You can improve your sex life with your wife with great foreplay. This article discusses 6 steps to great foreplay that would make you enjoy endless sexy encounters with your wife.

Advantage of Having Great Foreplay in Your Relationship

You should know why foreplay is important to have a good sexual life.Foreplay is the best method to give your partner an orgasm and sexual satisfaction. She would peak when you give her a good foreplay. She would always melt in your presence if you can sexually satisfy her and that happens when you give her the best foreplay.

Communication Foreplay With your Wife

You should walk to your wife and grab her close to you, and whisper to her that she looks lovely and she deserves a lovely treatment in bed. You should always tell to her how beautiful she looks and how she makes you hot.

You should kiss her when she becomes angry with you, and you should not say abusive things to her when you become angry. You should praise her in front of others and you should make feel special in her friends circle.

The building of emotional quotient would always help to have a committed relationship. This is the second step to great foreplay as foreplay is more mental than physical.

Groom Well for Night

You would feel after some years of marriage that there is no need to dress well before you enter bedroom. You should take a bath before you enter bedroom and you should cut your beard and you should brush your teeth.

You can use good body cologne to give a serious feeling to have the sex that night. That would normally trigger a passion in your wife and she would feel interested in having sex with you. You can enjoy foreplay when you prepare for it.

Understand her Mood

You should have the foreplay with her when she is in mood. At that time you should not say that you have important work or some other engagement. That would destroy the sexual spark in your wife and she would feel disillusioned in your presence.

You should watch her to understand her mood and if she gives cues like brushing your groin area with her hand, do not ignore it and go straight for a great foreplay.

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Give Her Foreplay Massage

You should do sensual massage and erotic massage on your wife and you should try variations in your kissing. You should aim to make her feel hot by kissing her passionately after undressing her dress.

Create Intimacy Without Sex

You should understand that foreplay is the best method to create intimacy in relationship even without sex. You should practice slow sex methods and you should look at giving her orgasm without penetrating.

Foreplay is the best method to give her vaginal and clitoris orgasm and you can do it with your tongue. You can have painless anal sex foreplay with your tongue. You should prepare well to make her feel sexually satisfied and this is the last step to great foreplay.