6 Surprising Foods And Drinks That Causes Yellow Teeth

Surprising Foods And Drinks That Causes Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth give very bad impression on others. There are plenty of products and surgical treatments available which helps you to get white shining teeth instantly. There is a popular proverb “Prevention is better than cure!” So it is better to refrain from those products from your diet that leads to yellow colour and stains on your teeth. In this article we will be discussing top six food items that you would not have even thought to cause you yellow teeth.

These Are Surprising Foods And Drinks That Causes Yellow Teeth

Red Or White Wine

Wine lovers attention!! All varieties of wine especially red wine and white wine are very much responsible for causing stains and yellowish color tom your teeth. It has tannin which is primarily responsible for leaving dirty brownish and yellowish patches on your teeth. It is advisable to always rinse your mouth after consuming it this will helps in reducing its bad effects on teeth to some extent.

Red Or White Wine


Coffee especially dark coffee with less or negligible milk causes much harm to your teeth. It also contains tannins in considerably large amounts that damage your teeth which are hard to remove.

Bed Side Coffee Or Drink


Just like tea, if you prepare it without milk or less quantity of milk that is mostly called as strong tea also spoils your teeth. It takes away their whiteness and makes them stained and dirty. If you a tea junkie and addicted to it, then a cup of herbal tea, tea with enough milk is recommended option.

Red Tea

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar is dark in color and one of the key causes for stained teeth. This food item is used salads, noodles, to add taste to it. Use natural alternatives like lime etc. to this product to save your teeth from its harmful effects.

Balsamic Vinegar

Soy Sauce

Soya sauce is also dark in color and leads to discoloring of teeth. It also weakens your teeth and cause stains. It is made up of soy proteins along with hydrochloric acid, which results in disastrous impact on the teeth.

Soy Sauce

Tomato Sauce

You have not thought about tomato ketchup to have an adverse effect on your teeth. But yes it is true tomato ketchup has preservative and chemicals added to it which on gradual consumption leads to yellowish teeth with patches.

tomato sauce

So avoid consuming the foods and drinks mentioned above to keep your teeth white, healthy and clean always!!