6 Tips To Get Rid of Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders that affect a large group of people worldwide. If you are a young guy or an adult then it is most probable that you must have suffered from this disorder. Although, acne can afflict the adult population as well as the children and babies, almost 90% sufferers belong to the teenage or adolescence group.

If you are a victim of acne then you may notice inflammation or eruptions on the affected part of your skin. It is essential to get rid of that scary and dreaded acne before it ruins your skin health and appearance by leaving that horrifying acne scar behind. Acne problem in men usually lasts longer as compared to the women due to the presence of an increased level of testosterone in their body. If you leave it untreated, acne problem may even continue for as long as ten years.

Common Causes of Acne in Men:

Hormonal Changes

One of the most prominent causes that are known to cause acne in men is the hormonal changes that occur in the body. Men undergo hormonal changes usually at the time of puberty and thus this is the phase when they are affected by acne the most. Due to the hormonal changes occurring in the body, sebaceous glands are encouraged to secrete excessive oil, which leads to the development of pimples and acne. The hormones called androgens are the chief hormones that cause acne.


Stress is believed to be a prominent cause for the development of acne in men. Men who suffer from high levels of stress are likely to develop pimples and acne. The reason for this is that when a man undergoes increased levels of stress, his adrenal gland mechanically gets stimulated. And when the adrenal glands are stimulated, excess amount of hormones get released which ultimately increases the secretion of androgen. And when the amount of androgen increases, excess oil is produced and thus acne formation is encouraged.

Medications and Chemical Compounds

Prolonged exposure to or contact with chemical compounds including dioxins may lead to the development of acne in men that is popularly known as chloracne. When men are exposed to these harmful compounds, their sebaceous glands are significantly damaged due to which excess production of oil occurs. Men may also develop acne due to the use of certain drugs like dextroamphitamine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, etc.


These days even men generously use the various skin care and other cosmetics on a regular basis. If the products that men use are oil based then there are chances of the skin pores getting blocked. This may lead to the formation of acne in men. Men should be selective in using cosmetics, hair care products, and cleansers so as to avoid acne. Noncomedogenic products are recommended to keep acne at bay but if you have sensitive skin then even the use of noncomedogenic products may also cause acne and pimples.


Boys and men who take steroids are highly prone to suffer from the acne problem. Steroids taken in any form affect the body system adversely and acne is one of the many side effects of steroid intake.

Impact of Acne on Men:

We all know that acne is not life-threatening but we must admit the fact that the occurrence of acne disturbs the sufferer mentally and emotionally. This way his efficiency to handle daily chores might be adversely affected. Poor self esteem and depression are two common problems that can commonly be seen in the acne sufferers, especially the teenage boys.

6 Tips to Get Rid of Acne:

Tip 1

A well balanced diet can be used to get rid of acne permanently. Many foods that contain excessive oils and fats are among the major culprits that cause acne. Also, deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals make your body’s defense mechanism weak and thus you are unable to put up a strong fight against acne. Therefore, the first tip to get rid of acne is to consume a diet that includes all the necessary nutrients including zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Vitamin A keeps your skin in a healthy state, zinc boosts your immunity and helps in repairing the skin fast and Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that helps in combating acne efficiently. You must make an effort to minimize or eliminate the fatty and excessively oily foods from your daily diet to avoid exacerbating your acne condition.

Tip 2

Drinking water in sufficient quantity (minimum 10 glasses per day) can be very helpful in getting rid of acne problem. Freshly prepared fruit juices should also be consumed to supply essential nutrients to your skin and improve its complexion.

Tip 3

Washing and cleansing skin in an appropriate way is indispensable for an acne free skin. And if you have developed acne then these two steps included in your daily skin care regimen can help in getting rid of acne as soon as possible because proper cleansing with appropriate ingredients helps in eradicating the bacteria and dirt that trigger and aggravate acne problem.

Tip 4

Soap should be strictly avoided for washing the skin if you want to get rid of acne because use of soap usually strips off the natural oils of skin and thus makes the skin excessively dry, which is not at all healthy for acne prone skin. You must use a good quality cleanser for cleansing your skin affected by acne. First make sufficient lather with your cleanser on your hands and then apply it gently on your skin to cleanse it. This will minimize irritation and your acne will be eliminated soon. Follow this routine at least two to three times a day.

Tip 5

Men affected by acne problem should take care while shaving otherwise they may erupt their acne and aggravate the condition badly. You should prefer using lather created by a cleanser or more preferably a foaming liquid cleanser instead of shaving cream.

Tip 6

Use a noncomedogenic moisturizer with jojoba oil an as important ingredient on a regular basis to help eliminate acne.