7 Common Symptoms Of Heart Disease

symptoms of heart disease Heart disease has become very common among senior people and more than 500,000 people die every year due to heart disease worldwide. Even young people are becoming victim of heart disease due to various reasons.

Your heart is one of the most vital organs of your body and if its stops working, a person dies immediately. Hence you should take utmost care for the proper health of your heart. You should be aware of your heart disease and take proper treatment for your heart health so that you don’t fall victim of heart attack or heart failure.

There are many factors responsible for heart disease such as smoking, alcoholism, lack of physical activities, consumption of unhealthy diet rich in fats, oil, saturated fats etc. Some diseases are also responsible for heart disease and some medicines also cause side effects which lead to heart disease. On observing any symptom of heart disease you should take full care to make your heart healthy so that you can prevent any serious complications such as heart attack and even death.

Given below are 7 common symptoms of heart disease.

1) Dyspnea

This condition is most commonly known as shortness of breath which is also one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. You can experience shortness of breath due to various reasons so don’t get panicked that you are going to experience heart attack. Shortness of breath is also caused due to weakness, deficiency of iron, calcium, anemia and various other problems. However shortness of breath is also a common symptom of heart disease.

If you experience shortness of breath after running or climbing upstairs or after performing sexual activities you don’t have to get afraid because it is normal for many people but if shortness of breath begins abruptly without any reason, it is a matter of concern. There may be some problem with your heart and blood circulation.

If shortness of breath occurs suddenly it may show sign of heart failure; hence you need to seek medical aid immediately. However, if you always experience shortness of breath it may be related to chronic lung problem also such as asthma or emphysema.

2) Abnormal Heart Palpitations

Many people with heart disease experience abnormal heart palpitations frequently. This is also an important sign of heart disease. Such people often complain that their heart beat sometimes skips and sometimes start beating very fast. Irregular heartbeats are often regarded as signs of underlying heart disease.

3) Fatigue

Fatigue is another common symptom of heart disease. When there is iron deficiency in your body you suffer from fatigue; when you suffer from vitamin deficiency such as B Vitamins (which convert most of your nutrients into energy) you suffer from fatigue and lethargy. But fatigue is also a symptom of heart disease.

When cholesterol level and fat in your body rise more than your requirement, you suffer from fatigue. In fact high level of bad cholesterol affects your blood circulation which obstructs blood flow and thus causes heart problems. Your heart becomes weak and you suffer from fatigue and lethargy.

You may also experience daytime sleepiness when your heart is not in proper state. People with unwanted fat and cholesterol feel lazy and their testosterone level also lowers down. This causes daytime sleepiness. However, if your sleep is disrupted at night it can cause you daytime sleepiness.

4) Angina

Angina is one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. It is condition which develops due to lack of blood and oxygen in your heart. Your heart needs oxygen rich blood in sufficient amount to function properly but due to many reasons such as plaque deposits on the walls of your arteries or high blood pressure or blood clotting etc your heart doesn’t receive sufficient amount of blood which results in angina.

angina pain

In this condition you experience chest pain and you may also experience pressure on your chest. You may also get the feeling of squeezing in your chest. You can also experience pain in your arms, neck or shoulders.

5) Dizziness

Dizziness or lightheadedness is also one major symptom of heart disease. When your heart does not receive sufficient amount of oxygen rich blood (due to obstruction in blood flow) your brain is also equally affected. When your brain does not receive sufficient amount of oxygen rich blood you feel dizziness or you experience lightheadedness.

However, dizziness is caused due to various reasons such as dehydration, anemia, stomach disorders, motion sickness, diseases of thyroid, diseases of liver etc. Dizziness can also be symptom of cardiac arrhythmias or heart failure; hence if you experience dizziness in abnormal way which is accompanied with chest problem such shortness of breath, chest pain etc, you should immediately seek medical help.

6) Chest Pain

Chest pain may be caused due to various health disorders; however it is one of the most important symptoms of heart disease. Hence many people get confused when they experience chest pain. They are unable to evaluate whether chest pain they are experiencing is due to heart problem or cold, indigestion, acidity, allergy or something else.

Chest pain may cause serious complications if it occurs due to heart problem hence you should consult your doctor if you find any abnormality within yourself. Do not get nervous if you are experiencing chest pain because nervousness may constrict your blood vessels and stiffen your nerves which may increase your complications.

7) Loss of Consciousness

Due to lack of oxygen rich blood to brain you start losing consciousness. Loss of consciousness is also medically known as syncope. This is also one of the symptoms of heart disease. Though you may experience fainting or loss of consciousness due to many reasons such as heat stroke, dehydration etc it also may be due to cardiovascular problem.

You may recognize what kind of problem is causing you lose consciousness so if you know that your loss of consciousness is due to dehydration, heat stroke etc there is nothing to worry and you can apply home remedies for it but if you feel that your loss of consciousness was abnormal you should take it seriously and report it to doctor immediately because if you ignore it may cause serious complications.

Heart disease can be controlled by adopting healthy lifestyle. So if you observe any heart disease symptom, report your doctor and by save your life by adopting healthy lifestyle.