7 Heavenly Ganesha Tattoo Designs For Men

Ganesha tattoo designs for men

A tattoo wearer who loves to wear new designs in the body, always looks for new tattoo subjects. Now a day India has become a source of inspiration for tattoo subject in the market. Tattoo artists are making new designs based on elements from Indian religion and culture and history. There are a number of tattoos that can be found in the market which are based on Indian gods and goddesses. Tattoos which follow Lord Ganesha are perhaps the popular of all Indian god based tattoos.

Meaning Of A Ganesha Tattoo

Lord Ganesha is the god who has the head of an elephant. How Lord Ganesha, who is the younger son of Lord Shiva got the head of an elephant, is a long story. But this background story suggests that Lord Ganesha is a valiant warrior. Besides lord Ganesha is a scholarly person also. He helped the great sage Vyaasdeva in writing the great Indian epic The Mahabharata. People in India worship Lord Ganesha before every religious ceremony for success. That is why Lord Ganesha is called Sidhwidata or he who brings success. Business men in India worship Lord Ganesha before daily work or doing any big business deal. Generally Lord Ganesha stands for everything good and positive in life. A Ganesha tattoo symbolizes good luck, prosperity, happiness, wisdom, success, spirituality and strength.

Places In The Body Where A Ganesha Tattoo Can Be Done

The best places in the body for a Ganesha tattoo are chest, back, shoulder, arms particularly upper arm and sometimes hands also.

Here Are 7 Heavenly Lord Ganesha Tattoo Designs For Men

1. Full Figure Lord Ganesha Tattoos

Beautiful eye catching full figure Lord Ganesha tattoos in either 2D or 3D are available aplenty in the market.

Full figure Lord Ganesha tattoos

2. Lord Ganesha Head Tattoo Designs

Instead of full; figure Lord Ganesha, only the elephant head of Lord Ganesha is also popular Ganesha tattoo design in the market.

Lord Ganesha head tattoo designs

3. Tribal Lord Ganesha Tattoos

There are a few Lord Ganesha in tribal art design tattoos available in tattoo market for men who has fascination for tribal tattoos. One particular design is very interesting. It shows Lord Ganesha outlined from the Sanskrit word OM.

Tribal Lord Ganesha tattoos

4. Dancing Ganesha Tattoo Designs

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva. The Nataraja dancing pose is one of the great images of Lord Shiva. Some tattoo designs show Lord Ganesha in the Nataraja dancing pose also.

Dancing Ganesha tattoo designs

5. Lord Ganesha On Lotus Tattoos

The flower lotus is the national flower of India. It is associated with spirituality in India. Some tattoo designs show Lord Ganesha on a full bloomed lotus flower.

Lord Ganesha on lotus tattoos

6. Baby Ganesha Tattoo Designs

For men who like children very much, there are cute and cuddly baby Ganesha playing tattoos available in the market.

Baby Ganesha tattoo designs

7. Blue Ganesha Tattoos

Blue or a bit deep blue is the color that symbolizes spirituality in India and in other nations like ancient Egypt as well. A lot of Ganesha tattoo designs have Lord Ganesha in blue color.

Blue Ganesha tattoos

So you want to do a Lord Ganesha tattoo in the body. Kindly go through the list and choose one.