7 Laws Of Friendship And Relationship You Must Know

It is very hard to make and maintain strong and successful friendships and relationships. Most of our friendships and relationships break abruptly due to reasons such as disillusionment, disappointment and the feeling of getting betrayed. If you wish to know how to build and maintain strong and healthy friendships and relationships, you have come to the right place. In this article, we reveal seven laws of friendship and relationship you must know and try to implement.

7 Laws Of Friendship And Relationship


Laws Of Friendship And Relationship

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Doubting Thomases can never maintain a strong friendship or relationship. This is because their very doubting nature will cast aspersions on their friend’s or partner’s motives and behavior. It is essential to trust your friend or partner’s character and allow them to do as they wish without letting your insecurities get the better of you. In return, your friend or partner may also reciprocate your trust, paving the way for a strong friendship or relationship.


The going may not be smooth in any friendship or relationship and there are bound to be pitfalls on the way. The best way to overcome these pitfalls is to allow yourself to compromise on little things. Forgive and forget your friend’s trespasses and in turn they will return the favor. Thus, mutual compromise is essential to tide over the little mistakes one tends to make in everyday life.


Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and empathize with what he/she may be experiencing. This will help you understand their troubles and offer useful solutions to them. Empathy is thus another bedrock of a strong and healthy friendship or relationship.


Along with empathy, sympathy is also required. If your friend is going through a torrid time, you need to sympathize with him/her and stand by them through thick and thin. You need to realize that you or your partner can tide over any trouble more easily with just a little help and support from your friends.


Laws Of Friendship And Relationship

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By honesty, we do not mean you need to be brutally honest about everything. Rather, by being open and honest about your motives and your behavior, you can build deep trust and understanding. Honesty can thus prevent misunderstandings and keep insecurities and fears at bay.


Another important law of friendship and relationship is unquestioning loyalty. You should assure your friend or partner that you will stand by them come what may. And then, you should walk the talk and keep your word by showing your loyalty in deed. In a changing world, it is very hard to find a friend or partner who can be depended upon like a rock of all ages. When your friend or partner realizes you are dependable and loyal to the core, their respect and love for you will increase manifold.

Unconditional Love

This may perhaps be the most important law of all. You should be able to unconditionally love your partner or friend, warts and all. Your love for them should be strong not just during good times, but more importantly during the bad times as well when all the “boys of summer” will be gone. Thus, unconditional love is indeed the bulwark your friendships and relationships need to be built upon.