7 Must Have Footwear Styles For Men

Styles For Men

Men’s fashion has evolved with time and men are on the same level to women as far as fashion is concerned. Men too have a desire to possess a fashion quotient and want to leave an impressive image wherever they go. Men’s list has a very low amount of accessories when compared to women, so why not use those minimal accessories to the fullest! One of the major things that a man can play with in his outfit is shoes. Believe it or not men love shoes, probably more than women do. So here are some kinds of footwear that you can invest in to create a style statement.

1. Sport Shoes

Most of the men crave to maintain their physique and hence visit the gym every now and then, in-fact they spend half of their life in gyms to maintain shape up their physique. Hence this is the place where sport shoes or gym sneakers are mandatory. They are also of great help when you are into everyday jogging. Love adventure? You need these again. They help to maintain balance and grip and help you walk miles and miles.

Sport Shoes

2. Formal Shoes

Sport shoes and flip flops are loved by every guy, but hey you can’t wear them office right? Every man is super active in his career that often less attention is paid to style. Men have to attend a number of formal occasions like business meetings, daily office, weddings etc and this is the time when you have to choose a great pair of formal shoes. Invest in some quality shoes which are durable and make a habit to polish them every alternative day.

Formal Shoes

3. Flip Flops

Flip flops and slippers are a guy’s best friend! These are open footwear that provides maximum comfort. Flip flops are really useful when you do not want to look very formal but want to create a super fun casual look. But learn to pick up good quality because they should not look like home slippers. Also maintain a different pair for monsoons which is specially designed for that season as you do not want to wear summer flip-flops and slip in the water puddles.

Flip Flops

4. Loafers/Moccasins

Loafers are a very versatile piece and every men needs to have some type of footwear that fits between formal and informal footwear, and we call them loafers! They adapt to your look and are pretty comfortable to wear. Now most of the people are confused as to what is the real difference between loafers and moccasins? Moccasins always have a have at the front which is just used for decorative purposes and you cannot really tie them up while loafers are plain without any laces. Loafers have a small heel while moccasins don’t! They are very much in trend, so have some pairs in your closet and be in trend.

Loafers Moccasins

5. Slip On Sneakers/Relaxers

Don’t have the time to tie those laces or merely getting bored? Invest in some slip on sneakers or relaxers. This shoe type is usually made up of leather or canvas. They create a cool and a trendy look. Slip on are a very good alternative to sport shoes as they provide good grip too. Slip on are usually worn when you do not want to create a very formal look but yet want something to be paired up with a shirt.

Slip On Sneakers

6. Ankle Boots/ Long Boots

Ankle boots or long boots are something that you will not get a chance to wear in your daily life. But this is definitely one of the best style statements for men. When you wear these, there is no possibility that the people around will not notice it. Ankle boots will reach up to the ankle and long boots will be much longer than that and might end up somewhere below the knee. They can be made up of leather mostly, but the current material trending is suede. Such kinds of create a tough masculine image and trust me the women love it!

Ankle Boots-Long Boots

7. Canvas/Converse Shoes

Canvas/converse shoes as the name suggests are made up of canvas material. Usually men above 30 do not prefer having such a style in their wardrobe but the guys below 30 can totally rock this look. It looks pretty funky and stylish at the same time. They have big and thick laces which dominate the rough look. The difference between canvas and converse is that converse reach up to the ankles while canvas shoes don’t.

Converse Shoes

So I guess all the men would be geared up buy this post and will be ready to invest in these stylish footwear kinds. So go on and create a style statement.