7 Side Effects Of Condoms You Should Be Wary Of

Side Effects Of Condoms

Condoms are a method of contraception mostly used by men; however there are female condoms available too. These condoms are mostly made up of rubber or latex and are supposed to be worn on the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent the sperms from entering into female vagina. They are also beneficial in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Although condoms are known to have a number of beneficial properties they are associated with side effects too. Yes every good thing comes at a price. Let us have a look at some of the side effects of using condoms that you must be aware of.

Rate of Failure

It is a usual perception among people using condoms that it gives complete protection. However that is not the case. There are chances and incidences of condom failure also. During sex the condom can rupture or tear off and even slip resulting in contraception failure and might result unwanted pregnancy. Some people have a myth that wearing two condoms would give extra protection which is absolutely false. Wearing two condoms further increase the chances of slipping off and contraception failure. Therefore it is advisable that complete instructions must be read before using a condom and it should be worn properly to avoid failure. Also stay away from al the myths and rely on trusted sources only.

Rate of failure

Irritation And Allergies

The material which is used for making condoms is latex, polyurethane etc. These are synthetic materials and are often irritating to the skin. One more factor which adds on to this is that the skin of male and female reproductive organs which are exposed to the condom (penis & vagina) is very sensitive. This further increases the sensitivity and thus the irritation. The cases and level of irritation varies from person to person and might not happen necessarily in every one.

Irritation And Allergies

Interruption Between The Sexual Intercourse

The process of using a condom basically includes waiting for erection of the male reproductive organ and when it is ready put the condom over it. This includes taking a break from the session and then putting the condom. Many couples do not prefer this interruption and they say it causes a feeling of disruption between the intimate times.

Interruption Between The Sexual Intercourse

Loss Of Pleasure

The condoms are made up of rubbery elastic material. This material tends to reduce the sensitivity of touch during intercourse which results in loss of pleasure for the couple. This is the main reason why most of the couples avoid using a condom during sex. Though many variations in design and shape are available in market, however it is not able to provide the same pleasure which is felt without using a condom.

Loss Of Pleasure

Do Not Provide Complete Protection Against Stds

Condoms do not provide complete protection against sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, HPV etc. The main reason for this is that complete reproductive organ is not covered with it. And it happens mostly during sex that some part of the organ comes in contact with the female organ thus the transfer of infections. Also there are cases of condom failure due to rupture and slipping off, these further contribute to the spread of STDs.

Complete Protection Against Stds


Some of the low quality products are made up of cheap rubber. This is a lose-lose situation as they do not provide proper protection and along with it increases the risk of developing penile or vaginal infections. Thus it must be kept in mind that a good trusted brand must be used.

Use Branded Condom

Loss Of Erection Early Ejaculation

Many a times what happens is the male is under pressure to retain the erection in order to keep a hold on the condom. This results in the opposite effect. Stress and anxiety can lead to early ejaculation or loss of erection. This overall leads to loss of pleasure for both the partners and affects the overall sex life.

Loss Of Erection & Early Ejaculation

Leaving these side effects aside if you consider, condoms are very effective and efficient method of contraception. However, they must be used with caution and care. In cases where the person is not able to use a condom other methods of contraception can be considered. These include using a female condom, birth control pills, a uterine device, vaginal inserts etc. There are number of options which are available now-a-days and depending on you and your partner the ideal method of contraception must be chosen. In case if there is a failure during condom use, like rupture or slipping, birth control measures like emergency contraceptive pill must be considered. Take your doctor’s advice before taking a decision.