7 Skin Whitening Tips For Men

Skin with age and other internal and external vagaries are subjected to numerous flaws including age spots, pigmentation and freckles. Men are as much concerned about skin whitening as women are. If you have low self confidence because of these skin issues, follow the below mentioned 7 skin whitening tips to improve your complexion. However, remember that you can expect no miracle overnight and complexion enhancement techniques take time to show results.

7 Skin Whitening Tips For Men

Remedies Available

Remedies available for skin whitening can be bifurcated into natural solutions and cosmetic alternatives. The first is evidently the safest but not necessarily the quickest. The latter on the contrary can offer quick results but may not be secure. However, make sure you visit a recognized and certified medical practitioner for safe results.

Natural Remedies

Lime And Aloe Vera

Two of the most natural and safe products that can be used on skin for skin whitening include lime juice and aloe vera. Use a face wash containing both to rinse face at least twice every day. Scrub your face every alternate day to eliminate accumulated dead skin cells from skin’s surface.

7 Skin Whitening Tips For Men

This process helps to dislocate oil and grime from pores. Lime juice applied on face with a dab of cotton can be left to dry on skin for 15 minutes before washing off. Lime has natural bleaching properties and doing this consistently will whiten skin.


Skin of men reacts well to tomatoes. Using the vegetable directly on skin offers skin whitening benefits since tomatoes have bleaching properties. You will begin to observe results from the first use itself. If you are not witnessing positive results, you can try to blend tomatoes with lime and apply the juice on skin every morning.

7 Skin Whitening Tips For Men

Tingling sensations may be felt but this is because both ingredients contain citric acid. However, this causes no problems to your skin. Tomatoes can be mixed with oatmeal and plain yoghurt and used on face. Wait for 20 minutes before rinsing off using cold water. Oatmeal works to be a great scrub and tomatoes bleach skin. Yoghurt has moisturizing abilities and together they help to lift tan from skin.


Mix almond oil, lemon juice, honey and milk powder in equal quantities. Apply the paste on skin and wait for 15 minutes to wash it off. Besides removing tan, the ingredients restore shine and moisture to your skin.

7 Skin Whitening Tips For Men

Alternatively, soak four almonds in water overnight. Take off their skin and grind them to a smooth paste. Mix them with milk and gram flour and massage the paste on your skin every morning. Let it say for 3 minutes before washing off. You will begin to notice visible results eventually.

Cosmetic Alternatives

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are the alpha hydroxy acids that penetrate top layers of skin effectively. Cell turnover rates are quite high when these are used in the process of skin exfoliation. You can buy them in the form of over-the-counter products or visit a skin specialist to get yourself AHA facial peels. However, visit only those doctors who have been successful and hold substantial experience in this area.

Skin whitening creams containing kojic acid and hydroquinone help to minimize development of melanocytes. These are the skin cells that cause skin pigmentation. But creams that have genuine composition of these ingredients are the ones to choose. Many fake creams are available in the market today and therefore, exercise caution while choosing right products. Your dermatologist can help you make a decision.

The primary point to understand is that skin of men is different compared to that of women and hence, requires different kind of treatment. Skin of men is neither very sensitive nor vulnerable to many infections as that of women. Therefore, they can withstand stronger whitening treatments.

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