7 Ways To Stay Fit Without Hitting The Gym

Ways To Stay Fit Without Hitting The Gym

It’s a common parlance that office 80% of the office goers are unable to keep themselves fit and complain regarding the tough life they lead. Even one has the zeal, the lack of time eliminates the chances of hitting the gym and tiredness drains the very chances if one has.

Keep A Check On These 7 Ways That Will Help You To Remain Fit Without Going Gym

Morning Walk And Cardio

Wake up early and try to walk down a kilometer which will help to keep you fit and sheds the extra kilos. This can be of great help as it pumps the body and provides a fresh atmosphere which is absent in air conditioned office. Along with that if cardio is done it prepares the body for the entire day and provides a great deal of energy.

Morning Walk And Cardio

Kick The Junks

Junks are the potent enemies that put office goers at stake. It destroys the habits. In order to remain fit, balanced diet is essentially required. Put some effort to carry homemade foods, fruits, snacks which will provide energy and at the same time will build the health. Foods which are rich in nutrients, vitamins, protein must be vouched for.

balanced diet

Reduce Excessive Use Of Coffee/Tea

Excessive coffee or tea is bad for health and hence should be avoided to the utmost. Taking it within limits is proper but one should see that one does not get addicted to it as it kills the appetite.

Asian Palm Civet’s Coffee

Use The Stairs

This is one of the well known and orthodox concepts, but still many fails to put this into implementation. Try to be conscious and use the stairs. It will keep the body in good shape and burn the excess calories.

Use The Stairs


It also helps in keeping the waist level to a particular level. In short it can be said to be the mother of all exercise and must for an office goer. Hardly needs any investment, a skipping rope is enough to keep the body in a good shape.



Join a swimming club as there is nothing equal to swimming. It keeps the body slim, strengthens the muscles and provides immense relief. Moreover, there is movement of every body part in swimming which helps the body immensely.



There is no need to worry if you do not have time. Yoga is the best method that will help you to be fit and attain a peaceful state of mind. The total composure will change. There are various forms of yoga and accordingly can be chosen as per the requirement.

Yoga Asanas