8 Foods To Avoid That Trigger Acid Reflux

Foods To Avoid That Trigger Acid Reflux

It has been said healthy body comes from the good stomach so we must ensure that our stomach should work properly ,now a days people tends towards the fast and the junk food which is not so good although it is easy to available but there are so many of the side effects of it , these food normally gives acid composition in the stomach and this acid will very harmful effect in the stomach now here are list of some of the foods which should be avoided.

These Are Foods To Avoid That Trigger Acid Reflux


Not good to hear but it is true that chocolate causes acid reflux chocolate has three basic thing one is caffeine which is high for the acid refulx next chocolate has the  very good amount of the fat and fat is not good for the body and fat also produces the acid reflux now its has cocoa as its main element and cocoa also plays an important role in acid reflux , it is said that dark chocolate is good for the health and the brain and light chocolate which has milk as it base content is not good but we must avoid the amount of chocolate eat.

dark chocolate


This is also not good for the soda lover but soda also causes acid reflux , in different types of the cold drink like coke, Pepsi ,limca and other beverage which has soda its content have carbon di oxide as it basic content and the bubbles it creates are highly dangerous whenever it will drink these bubbles creates the acid flux in the stomach which is dangerous and it harm your intestine also , even most of the drinks contains caffeine which is also not so good so we must avoid all these drinks even with the empty stomach.

Avoid Soda and Sweetened Drinks

Fried Food

in this busy life no has the time to cook food so now a days generation depends upon the fried food very food because it cook fast and tasty also but this fried food quite amount of the oil and fat which causes acid reflux and even pain in the chest also so we must avoid them as soon as possible.

Fried Food


Alcohol is normally not has any property of acid reflux but the beer and other alcoholic beverages have some amount of the acid in it and also fat , we make cocktail and the mock tail from the alcohol which is really danger for the stomach as the body because these juices have very high content of the acid reflux , even excessive use of it can give serious problems so avoid them as soon as possible because it is not good for the health.


Dairy Products

Dairy products are also having huge amount of the fat , milk butter , cheese are having full of the fat and if your stomach is sensitive then these products will produce acid reflux  in the stomach and give serious pain , always use these dairy products just for the flavor to your food not as a main course take as low as fat because fat is also essential for the body growth but not in the high amount.

Dairy Products


Whether there is any creature its body is totally made of the fat and the minerals so we eat meat whether it is of pork , chicken , red meat , lamb or any other they contains fat and fat causes acid reflux so try make thin layer of the meat and cook it properly , do not eat so much of the meat because it is not easy to digest take meat weekly.

Lean Meat Caffeine

Caffeine is the most dangerous element not only for the stomach but for the  brain also there are lots of products which contain caffeine in it and it is so tasty that people don’t stop themselves to take it in which coffee is very good example it is use for the refreshment but excess use of the coffee is bad because it give acid composition to build up , instead of coffee take tea or the green tea which will reduce acid and the cholesterol  of the heart also and maintain the weight also.

Asian Palm Civet’s Coffee Juices

There are so many fruits in the nature which is major source of the vitamins and the minerals and now its has been preserved as they are seasonal , there juice has been sold in the market so try to find out that whether the juice is acidic in nature or no because the juice like lemon , orange and other are acidic which will produce acid in the stomach if drink in good amount.

Ginger With Lime Juice