8 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss These days, the problem of weight loss is increasing day by day. Even children are becoming obese due to bad eating habits like junk food. It is very important to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid problems in future. But at the same time you need to follow natural ways to shed those extra kilos.

Best Ways for Natural Weight Loss

Wake up Workout

When you wake up in the morning, sit on the bed with legs straight. Slowly take your hands up and stretch backwards. Now, take your hands forward and try to touch your toes. It would be difficult in the beginning because of your abdomen, but after some days you will be able to touch your toes easily.

Repeat several times. This is the best exercise for burning belly fat as well as stretching your legs and making you feel fresh. An easy and fast exercise for burning good amount of calories.

Go for Grains

Go for Grains

Grains are the best way to increase fibre in your diet which in turn makes you feel full and reduces those hunger pangs and sweet cravings. This is also good for easy bowel movement.

Healthy Pre Lunch Snack

Usually people take something unhealthy like cookies, brownies, etc. as a pre lunch snack which actually adds up a lot of calories. Replace this with hard boiled eggs, low fat cheese, roasted chickpeas, dry fruits, etc. These healthy snacks are loaded with nutrition and less calories.

Balance Exercise While Brushing

While brushing your teeth try standing on right leg for 30 seconds and then switch to left leg. Repeat as long as you brush your teeth. This helps in burning 10 calories as well as good for strengthening leg muscles. Have you ever heard of this exercise while brushing?

Exercise while Brewing your Coffee

What do you usually do when you wait for your coffee to brew? Just keep on looking at it. Well, you can use this time to tone your thigh muscles. Put your hand on the counter, keep your body straight and stretch your one leg straight in front of you.

Keep it there for few seconds and then stretch it sideways and then extend it behind you. Repeat with other leg and repeat this exercise 10 times. This exercise helps in burning 15 calories.

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Do Hard Exercise

Doing hard exercise is the best natural way to burn that extra body fat. Exercise makes your body sweat and sweat, along with salts, has fat cells!

Do Hard Exercise

So spend at least one hour a day for your body to make it look fabulous. You can opt for any type of exercise like playing outdoor games, cardio, etc. If possible, try burning at least 600 calories in that one hour of exercise.

Replace Sugar with Honey

Sugar has just calories, while honey has additional vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So next time when you brew your green tea, add a spoon of honey.

Do Not Deprive Your Body of Water

You must have heard that drinking a lot of water helps in reducing body weight, but do you know why? This is because water helps in flushing out the toxins that are accumulated in the muscles of the body. Reduction of toxins from the body reduces body weight.