8 Quick And Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight

get rid of pimples overnight Pimples are a very big hindrance in achieving a flawless look of the face. Most of people are prone to the problem of pimples very frequently.

The occurrence of pimples may be frustrating for most of people. The most dreadful thing which happens is the occurrence of the pimples one day before an important day.

If you have to go to a party tomorrow and face is looking ugly because of the occurrence of the pimples then the first think you need to do is to relax. Panicking and feeling frustrated will do no good. Pinching the pimples to get rid of them will only worsen the situation. So, just sit back and try some effective remedies.

Yes! It is possible to get rid of pimples overnight. Don’t be amazed! It is actually possible to get flawless look over night. Just try the following tips and see the difference yourself.

Acne results in formation of pimples and these pimples can occur any time. But the cure of it seems impossible to a person if the time to cure and get rid of pimples is very less. But it is not that this is not possible, it is surely possible.

You just need to be patient and follow the right tips and procedure to clear those red bumps on the face. Before you start to treat the pimple it is necessary that you are sure that the pimple is because of the problem of acne.

A pimple which is caused due to any other allergic reaction can get worse by the use of home remedies and treatment. So, in this case it is better to consult a doctor and take his advice.

Clean the Pimple Thoroughly

Before you start with any treatment on the pimples it is very necessary to clean the pimples. The formation of pimples is because of the excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. So, it becomes very essential to get rid of the extra oil on the surface of the pimples. Wash the pimples with an anti acne face wash.

And wipe it with water. Use an astringent to get rid of dust and harmful particles on the surface of the pimples. Right cleaning process is very essential before applying anything for the getting rid of the pimples.

Exfoliate The Face

The next step after cleaning is to exfoliate the facial skin. This can be done by using a mild facial scrub. Various scrubs are available in the market but make sure you pick a milder one. A homemade scrub can also be used. Take some salt and mix few drops of water in to make it a paste.

You can add oatmeal, baking soda or little bit sugar in this mixture. Then scrub this paste on the facial skin, make sure to avoid the pimples as rubbing the pimples can pop them. Gently massage the areas surrounding the pimples. Then wash it with water thoroughly.

Use Apple Cedar Vinegar or White Vinegar

Then apply vinegar on the affected areas. You can use apple cider vinegar to white vinegar according to the availability. The vinegar helps to dry out the pimples very quickly.

Just dab it with a cotton ball. Make sure you use a sterilised cotton ball as pimples are prone infections very easy and the situation can get worst if right hygiene is not followed. Let the vinegar be there on the pimple for some time.

Use Ice Pack on The Red Bumps

For immediate results ice pack is very helpful. Use an ice pack on the affected areas and let it be there for about 20 minutes. This gives immediate results in drying out the pimples.

tips to get rid of pimples overnight

If you want to dry out the pimples in few hours then use the ice pack two- three times and see the difference in the condition of the pimple. Remember that hygiene is very important so use a clean ice pack on the pimples.

Facial Packs to Make the Pimples Disappear

After the application of the ice pack pat dry the skin and apply a facial pack. It will relax the skin and dry out the pimple further. A mud pack is a very good option to see instant results. To get rid of swelling and redness of the pimples you can use the leaves of straw berries.

Use of mashed papaya also helps to get rid of redness and they help to make the red bumps small. It is better to use raw papaya for better results and use both the pulp as well as the seed. Mixture of lemon juice and rose water is also helpful. Apply it on the affected area and the rinse off with water after sometime.

Use of Tooth Paste

It is one of the simple techniques to dry the pimples over night. Just take a cotton ball and squeeze some tooth paste on it. Then apply it on the pimples and let it be there overnight. Tooth paste gives soothing effect to the pimples and dries them out in few hours only.

Medicated Creams

After following the above steps if these is still presence of pimples then apply the medicated cream or ointment. Use of creams like Noxzema or Clearasil can help a lot for instant relief from pimples. Applying calamine lotion and keeping it over night also gives very good results. Consult a doctor to find a cream to shrink the pimples over night.

Make sure to use these creams once a while only and in the time of emergency as these ointments contain harmful chemicals and they can harm the facial skin if they are used frequently.

For some people occurrence of pimples is just an end to their life. Creating panic and thinking that nothing can be done is not the solution to the problem of pimples.

To shrink it as soon as possible first you need to relax your mind and then open you kitchen cabinet and medicine draws to find the best combination available to treat the pimples. Just try these tips and have a pimple free morning and day!

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