8 Things That Damage Your Skin

Things That Damage Your Skin

If you thought ditching the sun can make you younger than your same age opposite gender, you are not completely wrong. Nonetheless, there are many elements which can cause harm to your skin and damage it, the sun being only one of them. Skin care regimen does not restrict to eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercising. Protecting is equally, and sometimes even more, important so that the benefits of a smooth and flawless skin be experienced over a lifetime. There are many things that can cause damage to your skin without your even realizing.

Here Are Things That Damages Your Skin

The Cloudy Day

Don’t ditch the skin thinking it’s cloudy and the sun is playing hide and seek. The harmful sun rays can still get into your skin and act as a catalyst for aging besides other damaging consequences. In all possibilities, cover up.

The Cloudy Day


Shaving in the wrong direction can cause havoc on your skin. If you use a razor and shave opposite to the direction of hair growth, be ready to face the consequences including damaged follicle or skin infection. It can also lead to hurting. Recurrent boils may also create nuisance. The next time you use the razor, ensure that you shave in the direction of hair growth.


Hormone Supplement

While taking hormonal supplements for your betterment, be careful not to actually damage the skin. The DeHydeoEpiAndrosterone supplement can pose trouble for skin in the form of acne.

Hormone Supplement

Skipping The Sunscreen

Men are good at this! You take the effect of sun for granted. Hill stations, which are popular destinations during the summer season, can be tempting for most of us not only in terms of good weather but also foregoing the usage of sunscreen – give the skin a breather! If you are thinking this, think again. As you go higher, you get closer to the sun as there are fewer protective layers between you and the sun. This inevitably increases your vulnerability to the ultra-violet radiations and now you actually need more protection.

Skipping The Sunscreen


The skin of the face is fragile and delicate. Waxing the lip hair can lead to bleeding, which though may remain unnoticed, can cause scarring over time. Pigmentation can also be a side effect of waxing and you should take utmost care for the skin heath.


‘Proteins Only’ Diet

Imagine if you were given the same subject to study in the classroom! How would this affect your mind? Your skin and body needs a combination of nutrients including micro-nutrients and antioxidants that a single food diet possibly fails to furnish. It is important to consult your health care expert before going for a specific diet plan.

‘Proteins Only' Diet

Depriving Sleep

Your sleep time spells rest for the body but renovation for the skin. The lesser you sleep, the lesser will be the chances for skin healing. This can come up as a dull and gloomy skin. Ensure to take sufficient rest so that your skin feels happy and says ‘thank you’.


Waterproofing Vs. Water Resisting

For most of us, waterproof and water-resistant can mean the same. But unfortunately, this is not so. And when it comes to a sunscreen, the relevance increases even more. For the swimming enthusiasts, a water-resistant sunscreen can provide protection for around 40 minutes of swimming. But a waterproof sunscreen can ensure protection for almost double the time!

water-resistant sunscreen

So the next time you think that the air-conditioner or the shade cannot damage, be sure to confirm from your skin expert for the right opinion!