8 Tips Men Should Follow In Sex When Spouse Is Having Period

Tips Men Should Follow In Sex

A healthy sex life always strengthens family bond and brings happiness. But once in every month the female partner or spouse faces her menstruation cycle or period. During this phase bleeding and hormonal changes bring some discomfort and shift in mood for the female partner. That is why a male partner should follow some tips that are depicted here before engaging in sex with his partner.

1. Always Talk To Your Partner

During period before having sex always talk to your partner. Try to understand her mood. Some women during this phase are aroused while some women do not feel sexual urges.

Always Talk To Your Partner

2. Just Have Sex Once In A Day

If your partner gives consent then just have sex for only once in a day. During this phase frequent sex will not be comfortable for her. Here for sex it is penetration that is meant. A man can kiss or otherwise gently caress his partner without penetrating her during period.

Just Have Sex Once In A Day

3. Keep The Pace Controlled

When you engage in sex with her always try to keep the thrust or the pace under control. You can ask her if she is feeling any pain or not?

Keep The Pace Controlled

4. Keep Towels Always Ready During This Phase

When you engage in sex with your partner during her period always keep fresh towels ready. Before engaging in sex with her on the bed put a towel first on bed then have sex. You may keep another one ready near the bed also.

Keep Towels Always Ready During This Phase

5. Protected Sex Is Necessary

Always wear a condom when you have sex with her during period. Condom gives protection from stains, unwanted pregnancy, STDS and infections.

Protected Sex Is Necessary

Sex Positions During Period

Missionary Position

During this phase the spouse or female partner should always remain on her back when sex is going on. Missionary position is the best position for sex in period. The flow remains controlled in this.

Missionary Position

Sex In Shower While Standing Position

Doing sex while standing is best for sex during period. The man can take his partner to the shower. Then they can have sex while standing under it. The continuous flow of water gives relief to the female partner.

Sex In Shower While Standing Position

The Twin Spoon Position

This can also be performed in bed. The female partner should remain on her back while the man enters her remaining behind. Together they make a perfect twin spoon position. It is another comfortable position for sex during period.

The Twin Spoon Position
So your spouse is having period but you are afraid to have sex with her. Just talk to her. See her mood. Follow these steps and enjoy a trouble free sex session during her period.