8 Weight Gain Products Available In India

Weight Gain Products Available In India

height weight ratio is the always there for a good physique , Indians are normally not in good physique as the nutrition level of the Indians are very low and gymming is not very much popular in the youth , only big cities where a boy wants to have a good physique , but gymming requires good diet which includes proteins, vitamins , etc, there are normally a complex feeling in the thin boy as he is not physically fit now a days there are several supplements in the market which provides weight according to the height and build confidence in the Indian youth , these products are as follows.

These Are Weight Gain Products Available In India

Endura mass

This is the best weight gainer in the market it contains the balanced carbohydrates and other nutrition , this is  product which is available in the all the local medical store , if the proper diet will follow it will increase the weight up to 2 kg in the month , proper gymming is also very useful to it, this cost around 300 rs per kg.

endura mass

Nitro Tech

this is the most popular weight gainer in the gyming people , this contains egg protein and some amount of the creatine is also present in it , if it will take with the milk then the over all effect of this supplement is very good, it will increase the weight upto 3-4 kg in a month. this cost around 1500 rs per kg.

nitro tech

Universal Whey

whey protein is the best body weight gainer in this supplement there is 90% pure protein with some amount of fiber also , this is most common and the weight gain from this product is also long lasting, this is taken post and pre exercise. this cost around 1200 rs per kg.

universal pro

On Whey

this is the purest form of the whey extra care must be taken while take this , liver tonic or tablet must taken while consuming this supplement, this whey has the record of the best result as if the proper diet has been taken then the weight gain is almost 5 kg in a month. this cost around 1300 rs per kg.

On Whey

British Xtra Mass

this is the mass gainer which has the  carbohydrates of the banana and the rice, carbo helps us to increase the size of the muscles , this also contains some amount of the glutamine and the creatine which provides the stamina for pumping the dumbles. this cost around 2400 rs per kg.

xtra mass

Universal Creatine

this is best for the weight gain and the most unique feature of this product is the fat free muscles and the heavy mass gain will get , this gives the pump to the muscle , it will take with the glucose or the juice before the exercise for best results take it from the guava juice. this cost around 1800 rs per kg.

universal creatine

Endura Double Gain

this is also the good product for muscle gain it contains the soya protein and the glutamine  which increase the muscle size and the overall the weight of the body the weight gain from this is for the long lasting, proper gymming should  be done while taking this supplement . this cost around 1700 rs per kg.

double gain

Egg Protein

egg is the most common in the weight gaining , normally human liver is not able to digest all the protein available in the egg so the this egg protein is the extract form of the egg protein, it will taken with the chilled milk with the banana the price is around 800 rs per kg.

egg protein