9 Rules For Stronger Erection

9 Rules For Stronger Erection It is often embarrassing for a man if he couldn’t satisfy his partner on bed. It not only creates turbulence  in his sexual life but even it could ruin his mental strength. It affects his relationship which either leads to betrayal from his beloved or even the incidents of separation or divorce are not rare.

Reasons and Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Today’s life-style, food-habits, pollution, stress, less sleep, smoking etc. are very much responsible for erectile dysfunction, which causes negative effects not only on men’s health but on his sexual health also. Erectile dysfunction often broadens the ways for some serious diseases such as heart attack, bladder cancer or lung cancer.

With the growing age men loses his ability to have a stronger erection, but now days even young men are too facing this problem. A recent survey shows that in U.S almost 18 million people over 20 years of age group are suffering ED. So it’s high time to take necessary steps to save your sexual life, we are giving you 9 rules which will help you to have a stronger erection. It will definitely bring a smile of satisfaction to your beloved face and also make you feel confident and energetic to lead a healthy and blessed life.

Rules For Stronger Erection

Have Anti-oxidant foods

To get stronger erection you need to have dark fruits like blackberry, elderberry or billberry etc. which possess a high level of antioxidant and anthocyanins, which helps in ensuring the erection. Another important agent that controls the erection and so in expanding blood vessels, is nitric oxide.

Have Anti-oxidant foods

When the level of nitric oxide in your blood reduced due to the attack of free radicals , at the same time the level of erection is also lowered down. But Anti-oxidant and anthocyanins fight against the free radicals in the body and minimize the chances of lower level of nitric oxide.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health in many ways , apart from the danger of heart disease, high blood pressure, lung cancer it also has the danger of making you impotent. Recent studies proved that smoking causes arterial defect which may increase the chances of having erectile dysfunction. Men should quit smoking within 50, that may save the damage.

Become Stress-Free

Stress is harmful for everyone, as it broadens the way for mental and physical diseases as well. Though everybody longs for a stress-free life but modern lifestyle, high completion, ambitions, workloads, personal  affairs all leaves you in anxiety and pressurize life.

Become Stress-Free

While you are in stress, secretion of epinephrine level is high, which flows to your arteries and hardens them. Strong arteries stands in the way to have a strong erection, so all you can do to get rid of this is, try to concentrate on each of your five senses every day for couple of minutes. Turning your mind from the depressing thought not only give you relief for sometimes but also lessen the flow of epinephrine, which ultimately helps in stronger erection.

Lower Your Estrogen

Bulky or fat men face this problem as it fat in the human body tends to transform testosterone into estrogen, and the level of estrogen runs high. This odd combination of high estrogen and lower testosterone  causes erectile dysfunction. So frequent checking of your BMI is very much necessary, if it near 25 or over it, then its your high time to take steps, weight loosing can be a great solution to prevent excess estrogen and make your sex life evergreen.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate possess a good amount of epicatechins which helps in dilating the layers of arteries. If you have 1.6 ounce of chocolate regularly, your blood vessles stretched 10/% extra.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are helpful for endothelial system of human body. Since penis surface is made of endothelial, so it helps in stronger erection.

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Go For Acupuncture

For Psychological erectile dysfunction, you may go for acupuncture therapy. In such problem people faces the lack of balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. This ancient Chinese therapy helps to regain the balance and bring your sex life to it’s right track. Surveys and researches shows that 64% of men  who treated by this therapy for 6 weeks they got their lost energy and satisfaction in their sex life and  also they required no further check-ups.

Build A Stronger Floor

Pelvic Floor exercises like a.k.a or kegels are help to get a stronger erection. Research studies shows almost 45% of the patient who suffers impotency got eye widening result in 6 month of the practice of the  exercises. Besides, it is proved that traditional hair trigger treatment give strength to pelvic muscles, it  even help those who suffer lack of pointing their pistols. Another way can be the pretension of having early  ejaculation to treat E.D.

Choose Right Position

Men who suffers E.D should choose regular sexual position either missionary or doggy style.

Choose Right Position

This helps in proper blood flow and works in favour of gravity, so enable you the harder and stronger erection which takes  you to the ultimate pleasure. But other positions like women on top or other, doesn’t work for you.


Check Your Medicines

Another hidden fact behind the erectile dysfunction can be found in your medicine kit. Check the pills or prescriptions which medicines you take too often. Sometimes the medicines which reduce cholesterol level can be the reason of erectile dysfunction. Simvastatin from Zocor brand is one such example.

Last But Not The Least

If the above techniques don’t work for you , then your ultimate solution can be the pills like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra etc. It excites your pelvic muscles, increase the blood flow and get you stronger erection may be for few times. You should select the right and best one for you according to physician’s  advices.