9 Super Food For Weight Loss

Food For Weight Loss When you have to lose weight, the first thing you try to do is dieting. By eating less, you acquire lesser fat in your body. But, it is important for you to understand that dieting is not just all about eating less; it is more about eating the right foods that can keep you healthy while still helping you to lose weight faster. Following are some of the best foods that can help you shed extra pounds more efficiently.

Best Food For Weight Loss


Eat half a grapefruit before every meal. It fills you up with proteins and water. Since you feel full, you eat less. In addition to that, it also reduces the levels of fat-storage hormones in your body. Even if you are not trying anything else to lose weight, this single diet strategy can help you to lose up to one pound every week.



By eating three pears (along with the skin) a day, you consume more fiber and fewer calories. This way, it helps in burning fat while keeping you feeling full.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is heavily packed with fiber and is very filling but it does not add many calories. In addition to that, it also contains resistant starch (1.7 grams in a half-cup serving), which can be very helpful in burning fat.



One serving of broccoli provides your body a punch of filling fiber while adding just thirty calories. This cruciferous veggie, thus, can also prove to be very helpful in keeping you healthy and slim.


Eating one cup of blueberries can provide your body with four grams of fiber. It adds only 80 calories but keeps you feel full. As an added benefit, its anti-aging effects help you to get healthier skin and make you look younger. All these factors make blueberries one of the most powerful figure-friendly foods.

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Salmon can be a great alternative to red meat, as it provides lots of protein to your body without adding fat. As an added benefit, you also get omega-3 fatty acids that keep your cholesterol level balanced. So, if you want to lose weight faster, include salmon in your diet plan.


The creamy fruits of avocados are packed with protein and fiber. In addition to that, they also contain oleic acid that quiets the feeling of hunger.


Just eat a half or even a quarter of an avocado daily and you will notice how fast the harmful saturated fat from your body melts away.


Oats contain resistant starch, which is known for its natural ability to burn fats and boost metabolism. Since oats also provide your body with lots of fiber, it keeps you feel full throughout the day. Thus, it also helps you with your weight-loss dieting plan.

Black Beans

Black beans are a rich source for proteins. You can get 15 grams of quality proteins by eating just one cup of black beans. Unlike popular protein sources like red meat, black beans do not contain harmful saturated fat. Replacing red meat with black beans, thus, can be very helpful in losing weight while maintaining good health.

A very special thing about the above foods is that they also carry disease-preventing properties. This way, they help you to keep your body slim yet very healthy.