9 Tricks To Increase Stamina

In this fast paced life, we compete with everyone and sometimes with our own self to perform better and better in every area that we enter into.

Whether it is the sports ground or your office, stamina is needed everywhere in order to excel in your activities. Having good stamina can help you a lot in improving your abilities and achieving success in day to day activities.

People who belong to the sports field are very well aware about stamina and hence adopt every trick to increase their stamina.

Stamina is the capacity of an individual to carry on physical activities for an extensive period of time. You can increase your stamina by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle and consuming a healthy and well balanced diet. Given below are some simple tricks to increase stamina.

9 Tricks to Increase Stamina:

1. Consume Carbohydrates

Getting adequate carbohydrates from your daily diet can supply your body sugars and starches, which your muscles need to boost up your stamina. It should be noted here that your body’s chief fuel source is the carbohydrates, especially when it is related to the endurance activities.

You can increase your stamina by increasing your energy level by getting at least 50% of your total calories from carbohydrates. For this you must consume foods high in carbohydrates such as pasta, cereal, brown rice, milk, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. every day.

2. Consume Adequate Fluids & Stay Hydrated

Another great trick to increase stamina is to consume sufficient fluids to avoid dehydration. If your body is in a dehydrated state then your endurance can significantly be affected adversely. So you must try to drink clean and plain water throughout the day and especially before and after a strenuous activity. This will help yourself to maintain your endurance while exercising and doing other physical activities.

3. Drink Sports Drinks

If you are an athlete or get engaged in physical activities that   continue for an hour or so then drinking only plain water may not be sufficient to sustain your stamina. In such cases, you may need to consume sports drinks.

These drinks contain electrolytes including simple sugars and sodium, these simple sugar get metabolized fast and hence provides energy for your activities. And the presence of sodium in the sports drinks enables you to stay hydrated.

4. Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee in the morning can help you to begin your day with on a positive and fast note. Caffeine that is present in coffee and other beverages can make you a bit more attentive and active throughout the day. But drinking coffee throughout the day or late in the evening should be avoided otherwise instead of providing you benefits, it may start causing you sleep problems as well as dehydration problem.

5. Practice Yoga

Yoga can be very helpful in increasing your stamina slowly but steadily. So if you want to have long lasting solution for poor stamina then you must try yoga. There are many yoga postures that provide immense benefits to people, who want to increase their stamina. Some of these poses include standing poses like the triangle pose and the warrior pose.

yoga for stamina

Photo Credit: Yoga-knowledge-center.info

If you practice yoga on a regular basis or at least thrice a week then it may help you in increasing your endurance, mental abilities and muscle strength. But if you want to increase your stamina then you will need to increase the extent of these yoga poses over a period of time.

6. Get Adequate & Proper Sleep

Even an athlete might not be able to perform well in his/her area if he/she suffers from sleep deprivation for a long time. Sleep plays an integral role in strengthening and building our stamina in the long run. So if you find that you lack endurance then you must take proper sleep for at least 8 hours per night. This will help you to increase your stamina and will make you feel energetic and enthusiastic in performing your work.

7. Walk, Run, Jog & Swim on a Regular Basis

If you have led a sedentary life and have reduced your stamina considerably then you must begin your effort to increase stamina by starting to walk for about half an hour every day.

In the beginning you can walk with slow pace but then after some time you should increase the pace and walk briskly for about 45 minutes every day. If your health permits then running should also be taken up later on. But if your knees and joints are unable to bear the pressure exerted by running then swimming is another great choice for increasing your stamina.

All the activities mentioned above are beneficial for increasing stamina. Walking has the ability to improve your overall health and kick away lethargy.

It will improve the health and efficiency of your lungs, heart and also strengthen your leg muscles. Walking will aid in providing better sleep which in turn will contribute in increasing your stamina. It promotes smooth blood circulation which helps in enhancing your energy level.

8. Take up Cardiovascular Sports & Exercises

Practicing cardiovascular exercises is an effective trick to increase stamina. There are a number of cardiovascular sports and exercises that you can take up and practice somewhat regularly. Fitness as well as stamina can be improved by doing cardio exercises for at least half an hour 6 days a week.

When you are comfortable with this time duration, you must increase the time length to about one hour to increase your stamina. While jogging, you must try to sprint in between the jog so as to increase your stamina.

Swimming is also a cardiovascular sport that efficiently improves your energy level and stamina if you practice swimming for 30 minutes at least thrice a week. It is a low impact cardio exercise that efficiently tones up your tired muscles and enhances your stamina considerably.

9) Resistance Training

At times, you may feel exhausted due to muscular weakness and due to insufficient energy. Resistance training is an effective way to deal with muscle weakness and improve your stamina.

You must include squatting, pushing and pulling exercises in your training program. Box jumps, squats and lunges are equally important for increasing stamina during long term workout.

Photo Credit: Fasttracktofitness.com