A Challenging Career of Paramedic

A Challenging Career of Paramedic Now-a-days uncertainties are every where, due of increasing in population and people are searching  job prospectus in  in Metro cities and because of all this heavy traffic occurs and accident happens in every minute and injured are loosing life due to lack of medical treatment in well within time.

India is facing a  shortfall of paramedical staff and due to this, injured are not getting preliminary treatment. So exploring job opportunity in paramedic is good for country and also a great change to serve a society by saving several of lives.

Tips To Become A Paramedic

Work Of Paramedics

When accident occurs, people calls ambulance to take injured one to rust to the hospital. Every ambulance is equipped with a medical devices and numbers of paramedic staff. Paramedic staff gives  patient a primary treatment so can the injury can be treated at early stage and pre-medical treatment could start before reaching to hospital and life can be saved as early as possible and take the patient to the hospital for further treatment.

Work Of Paramedics

Not only in accident but in may cases injury occurs any where, so paramedic has to be stand by 24 hours.In a simple language paramedics provides pre-medical treatment to the patient before admitting them to the hospital and to become a paramedic one should have keen interest to work in flexible shifts  and in challenging atmosphere. So, a deserving person should be of sound mind, so that they can take a critical decision in event of emergency.

Paramedic must have knowledge of treatment of many types of injuries such as orthopedic injuries, spinal injuries, head injuries, internal body organ injuries and treating acute bleeding conditions and along with this, paramedics should have complete knowledge of medical equipment and its operations and their proper handling.

Essential Qualification

Now a days demand  of paramedic is rapidly increased, so if anyone want to become a paramedic and can get a good opportunity to work. there are many course  offered by various institute for doing course but the essential requirement is 10+2 in science stream from recognized board/university and after that one can pursue a degree/diploma in paramedical in various subjects according to their choice.

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Job Opportunity

Paramedic can find jobs in various hospital, trauma center and health clinic and works as radiologist, speech therapist, audiologist, physiotherapist  dialysis therapist, trauma care therapist and many more.

Job Opportunity

Not only this they can find a jobs in abroad as well.  It is extremely challenging career as  one can find a jobs also in helicopter crew.

Various Institutes Offering Course To Become A Paramedic 

All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi; Delhi institute of Paramedical science, New Delhi;  Himalayan Institute of Medical Science, Deharadun; Pulipati Prasad College of Paramedics and Nursing, Andhra pradesh;  HKL School of Paramedical Science and Nursing, Punjab;  Pushpanjali Institute of Paramedical Science, Ghaziabad; Amala Institute of Medical Science, Thrissure; Gautam School of Nursing, Kocchi;  Little Flower School of Nursing, Kocchi;  Nizam school of Medical science, Hyderabad;  S.B.C.J Science College, Anand;  KMCT college of Nursing, Kozhikode.


Paramedic can earn up to 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 rupees per annum, however, depends on his skills and working hospitals.