A Complete List Of Wines At Your Finger Tip

Wines are made from fermented fruit juices, usually from grapes. Chemical balance of grapes gets them fermented without the addition of sugar, acids or nutrients. Yeast present in the grapes consumes sugars and converts them to alcohol. Wines can also be made from other fruits, named after the fruits from which it is derived from.

A Complete List Of Wines At Your Finger Tip

It is generally called as fruit wine. Wine has a high alcohol content and starch-fermented beverage like sake, ginger wine etc.

Different Types Of Wines

Different list of wines are available at present and they are:

Rose wines
Red wines
Dessert wines
White wines
Locally produced wines
Wine producing region
Sections by varietal

White Wines

White wine is slightly yellow. They are usually produced using non-colored grapes juice. It does not allow getting pigments from the skin of grapes. They are extracted from an assortment of grape varieties. They are normally made from skin of green, yellowish or gold colored grapes.

A Complete List Of Wines At Your Finger Tip

They are more refreshing, tasty and lighter than the majority of red wines. They can be consumed in summer and spring occasions. Serving temperature for white wine is around 10 degrees. There are different types of white wines available like:

Pinot Grigio

Rose Wine

It is the type of wine that has some typical color of a red wine. The color can range from near-purple to pale orange depending on the grapes and the making techniques.

Red Wines

It is made from dark-colored grape varieties. The color can vary from violet to brick red, usually brown for vintage wines. Juices from the black grapes are greenish-white. The red color of wine comes from anthocyan pigments present in the skin of grapes. Red wine production involves extraction of colors and flavors from grape skin. 

A Complete List Of Wines At Your Finger Tip

Different types of red wines are available and the major wines on the list of wines include:

Pinot Noir
Petite sirah

Dessert Wine

They are usually sweet wines served along with desserts. Fortified wines can also be referred to as dessert wines. Wines like Muscat and Pedro are regarded as honorary dessert wines. This type of wine consists of 14% alcohol by volume. Grapes that naturally have sugar are used for producing dessert wines. Fermentation process involves adding sugar and after fermentation, adding alcohol is done. Removing water helps in concentrating the sugar.

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Country Wine

It is an intermediate between the table and quality wine. These types of wines are made from items other than grapes like fruits, flowers, herbs etc.

A Complete List Of Wines At Your Finger Tip

There are different types of country wines available such as:

Peach Chardonnay
Blueberry wine
Apple wine

A List of wines can help in conveying lots of information about the wines that are available for purchase. Tasting notes to the wine list can help the customers to find out more about the wines and enable them to make up their minds about their choice.

Knowing about the list of wines can make people choose the best among all wines based on their health requirements. All wines help in avoiding getting affected from diseases. Even if they are infected, the medicinal properties of wines can help in getting them cured.