A Glimpse Of Some Trendy Men Hairstyles

Hairstyle is an integral part of a gentleman’s personality and it enhances the visual appeal of a person. Men nowadays, sport trendy hairstyles which make them look ‘cool’. These hairstyles need far less time to groom than the classic hairstyles and are a hit among the youngsters.

Latest Trendy Men Hairstyles

Buzz Cut

For men who wish to keep their hair short to avoid any mess or any sort of hair maintenance, the buzz cut is a great choice. In professions like armed forces where short hair are a must, this hairstyle is a good choice. It makes the person look more masculine and it is sometimes also known as the ‘crew cut’.

Buzz Cut

It is sexy and sharp and at the same time it imparts a clean look to the face. A lot of Hollywood actors like Wentworth Miller sport this hairstyle.

Spiky Hair

One must have medium length hair in order to have this look. Hair gels and wax are used to make the spikes. It is a big hit among the college going students and young professionals. There is a wide array of hairstyles among the spike look and each one has its own pros and cons. The spiky hair combined with the layered cut creates a rugged look which is quite popular among men.

Layered Cut

Chin length layers like the one flaunted by Ashton Kutcher , resembles the grunge-surfer look of the 1990’s. You need medium to long length hair for this hairdo and it is especially suited to men with straight hair. Hair products like mousse add volume and lustre and are used to enhance the layered look.

Layered Cut

It looks graceful on people with long, glossy, cascading hair. It is one of the trendy men hairstyles, which are rapidly gaining popularity among the laymen.

Double Slick

This style is a reminiscent of the early 20th century when men used to have sharp hairstyles. In this hair on the crown are significantly longer than the hair on the sides. To achieve this hairdo, ask your barber to make your crown hair medium length and trim the side locks. When you return home comb all your hair back and apply a styling product. It is ideal for people with straight hair. Thereafter, use a wide-toothed comb or run your fingers gently through your hair or to get the look. It is a perfect blend of refinement with roguishness.

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Short and Even

It is a wash-and-go style that is great for active dudes and adds an element of elegance to your personality. It is ideal for people with soft facial features and a round face.

Messy Curls

It is an easygoing style and though it appears messy the curls are quite well defined. The locks are longer on the sides and on the top but they are overall longer everywhere.

Messy Curls

It is a boon for the curly haired guys, but in order to control the ‘fly-aways’, one must use a good anti-frizz product or a curl-controlling cream.

A Final Caveat

Not all trendy men hairstyles look good on everyone. So, not blindly follow the latest fashion trends. You should meticulously select the hairstyle which suits your face-cut and complements your personality.