A Step By Step Guide To Loose Weight

guide to loose weight Overweight? Don’t worry you are not alone. As times are changing rapidly so are eating habits. Nowadays, everything has become affordable and accessible due to which even youngsters are obese.  Therefore, the demand for weight loss program is on an all time high. Even famous celebrities have started opting for weight loss treatments. Excessive weight can lead to heart attacks, sugar, blood pressure etc.

Therefore, one should not be obese or fat. Treatments like liposuction, bariatic surgeries can have adverse effects. Drugs like glucagon, Orlistat, contrave also might have side effects and one should keep these as the last option. These treatments show immediate results however there is no better option than losing weight naturally. Always remember you can do it! Start slowly. Don’t over exert yourself.

First of all always remember that weight loss happens only when you burn more calories than you eat.  Remember this will not happen overnight. Instead of going to the weight loss programs which charge you royally, if we ourselves become responsible and take care then it is easy to lose weight. Try not to pop in those pills which guarantee you weight loss as that might have side effects too. Have patience. Loosing weight naturally is much better than going for surgery and keeping your body at stake. Give your body little time. Gaining weight happens faster than losing weight. So just remember these things in mind before you start with any exercise or diet plan.

7 Steps Which Can Help You To Loose Weight

Motivate Self

Keep a photograph of yours in front of you when you were actually in your best shape. This can be a big motivational factor for you to get back to your much attractive side.

Motivate Self

Otherwise imagine how beautiful you would look when you would loose that extra flab. This helps you in sticking to your routine. But make sure you do this motivational exercise everyday.  This will act as the main force for you to loose weight.

Set a target

Check your weight and calculate how much weight you want to loose. Make a realistic goal. Don’t start with targets like losing 20 kilos initially. That can be your end result, but rather start with smaller goals like losing 5 kilograms in a month. Then plan and set your routine accordingly. If you find the routine boring then include something different everyday.  Announce it to your loved ones who care for you. Tell them your goal and you will work out better as you have already told someone about it and would not like to back out.

Natural Diet

Always prefer natural diet which comprises of lot of vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Make sure that you include Proteins in your diet. Your body would be in shape if your diet includes proteins like sprouts and peanuts. Eat salads like cucumber, beetroot and carrot.

natural Diet

If you are a non vegetarian include fish in your diet. Make sure that you consume less fried items and instead have steamed or boiled food. Use less oil and salt and this will impact positively on your weight loss. Avoid having food which is kept in fridge for more than 2 days. Avoid reheated food.Avoid consuming aerated drinks, milk shakes or juices. As these include high sugar content it is obvious that it is high in calories.

Say no to junk foods like pizza, French fries, chips. Always prefer sugar free chocolates or chewing gums over normal ones. If you have sweet tooth then after the target is achieved you can have one in two weeks or so. But stick to only one.If possible have one glass of warm skimmed milk before going to bed. Avoid taking processed food.  

Small meals

Always have small meals in frequent intervals instead of dieting. If you diet there are chances that you will eat more and develop craving to eat more. Instead of 3 big meals a day include 6 small frequent meals in a day.


Daily walk atleast for 30-45 minutes. If you had a high calorie diet then exercising a little more than your daily exercise would help. It is always nice to go for simple exercises like walk or a jog than joining a gym as then you can do it anywhere without the requirement of equipments.


But don’t strain yourself on first day itself.  Start with warming up. Brisk walk would be the best exercise.  You can keep a tab by checking your weight once in a week or two. Don’t check your weight daily as this might demotivate you to exercise. If you practice yoga then be regular and do it everyday.

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Water Intake

Have atleast 2-3 liters of water everyday. This doesn’t mean that you consume 1 liter water at a time. This will just add pressure to your kidney to work more. So have one glass of water or less at a time in frequent intervals. One good habit which you can start is having warm water after you get up.  Lime water with honey also helps in reducing weight.

Importance of digestion

Make sure you empty your stomach everyday morning. If that is not happening it’s a sign that your body needs more water or vegetables. Include fruits in your diet. Avoid having constipation. Having a laxative once in a month will be helpful. This will flush off all the toxins present in your body. Also doing de-worming once in 6 months would help. Consult your family doctor for the same and any other concerns.

Remember everybody is different and have different motivation and abilities.  Give yourself time and stop comparing. After losing weight, do not stop exercising or there are chances that you may gain back rapidly. Weight control is also equally important. Once in a week you can treat yourself with the food you love. But only once in a week and next day just exercise a little more. Last not the least laugh your heart out and it will help in burning some calories too. Stay healthy!