A Watch Review Of The Bremont MBII

The Bremont MBII is a watch that was created under the collaborative efforts of Martin Baker and Bremont. Martin Baker is a company that is known for manufacturing and designing the ejection seats that are used on the airplanes of the British military.

Bremont MBII History

Bremont, on the other hand, is an equally famous watch brand that was created by two brothers from Britain. The brand is known for creating watches that are meant to be worn by individuals who are fond of adventure. These two famous companies collaborated to create the ultimate sports watch.

bremont mbii

The MBII is in fact the commercial version of the MBI. It was modelled after the MBI which is not sold commercially. The MBI can only be purchased by military pilots who have used the ejection seats manufactured by the Martin Baker company. There are only a few lucky or unlucky men, depending on how you look at it, who are given the opportunity to purchase the MBI.

Bremont MBII Features

The MBII has a 43 mm case with a Swiss-made calibre 13.25 inches BE-36AE movement. This Swiss movement is full of amazing features such as 38 hours of power reserve, 25 jewels, 28,800 bph, Nivaflex 1 mainspring and the Anachron balance spring. Other more basic features are the hour, minute, second, date and day functions.

On the inside of the MBII is a rotating bezel that is a unique feature and works flawlessly. Every single turn of the knob is very efficient as it clicks into position. Because of its aeronautical inspiration, a few touches of it were incorporated into the design of the MBII.

There is a tiny propeller located on the knob of the bezel. There is also a handle of an ejection seat located on the seconds’ hand. The watch also comes with a free paper weight shaped like a propeller upon purchase.

bremont mbii features

As a whole, even with its aeronautical design, MBII still has a toned down appearance. The barrel of the watch has a coarse texture that is available in three colours namely green, anthracite and orange. The MBII has two crowns that are both coarse in texture but is decorated with elegant finishing at the tip.

The first crown is located at the 2 o’clock position and is used to make adjustments to the watch. It is stamped with the propeller logo of the brand at the tip. The second crown situated on the 4 o’clock position is decorated with a bull’s eye at the tip.

The strap of the MBII is made of leather that has a stitched design. The leather strap that the simplicity of the watch’ dial and case. It also has a Velcro and nylon strap similar to those of military watches. It is provides a more interesting combination to create a more unique look for the MBII.

Bremont MBII Durable and Versatile

In terms of durability, the MBII is of the highest standard with its shock-proof case mount and anti-magnetic Faraday case.

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The internal bezel is also very durable with its solid clicking mechanism that makes it almost impossible to rotate while being worn. The MBII is a very versatile watch that is built to last a long time.