Advice On Women For Men

Advice on women for men Men often find understanding a woman one of the most challenging tasks of all times. Women are often unpredictable in their thoughts, conduct, expressions and behaviour. On one hand, while this mysterious persona might act as a magnetic pull for some men driving them crazy about a woman, on the other hand few other naïve gentlemen at times are left disgruntled due to their inability to measure the depth of their women’s heart.

This inability at times leads to irreparable troubles in the relationship of a couple where the only thing lacking is a sensible approach to look at things. There is no situation more ideal in love than the man fully understanding and accepting his partner. So, definitely men can do better in their love life if they follow certain tips which are likely to work for any kind of a woman making their romance absolutely blissful. Here are some advices with regard to ladies which you can definitely make a note of.

Tips On Women For Men

Be Expressive

Women invariably adore men who relentlessly shower them with their love and affection. They enjoy cute, little gestures of being cared for, being pampered and being loved. Do not forget to whisper some cute nothings into her ear when you are together.

Be Expressive

Say ‘I love you’ to her as many times as you can in a day, take her out on dates even if you had married her a decade ago and try to keep the flame alive in your relationship. If you love her, never shy away from expressing your feelings. All a woman wants is a man who she knows loves her and will do so forever.

Don’t Underestimate Her

This is almost forbidden for men to do. They should never ever think of their women as lesser than them in any way. Women abhor self centred, pompous and extremely high-headed men who consider themselves better than their wives or girlfriends. A regressive behaviour like this by men is generally witnessed towards their home maker wives. They commit the unforgivable mistake of disrespecting their wives undermining their contribution towards their home and family. So, treat your partners as your equals as the last thing that today’s independent women want is a man who is snobbish and highly egoist.

Avoid Being Over Possessive

Women definitely like men who are protective towards their partners and express their claim on the woman who belongs to them. But, there is a narrow line of demarcation between being possessive and over possessive.

Avoid being over possessive

Men often blinded by their unbounded love for their girlfriends or wives step across that line and make their women feel suffocated in the relationship. There is a need for men to understand and respect the personal choices of their women and trust them to be capable of handling any type of situations.

Give Them Their Space

It is one of the most important factors when it comes to a healthy relationship. Most of the committed women are found reeling under the stress of a narrow space to breathe in. Their spouses or boyfriends impose a plethora of restrictions on them to abide by. This stinginess on the part of men in granting space to their women often makes them pay a hefty price as they are forced to wash their hands off the women they are so intimate with. So, it is imperative on men to respect the needs of their partners to lead a life with freedom without the shackles of restraints and prohibitions.

Accept Their Male Friends

The biggest bone of contention in the otherwise settled love life of a couple is the intolerant approach of men towards the male friends of their lovers. The fact that many men end up overlooking is that the lives of their partners cannot only be centred on them. Their partners had friends before they had walked into their lives who will remain there forever. Stripping your girlfriend or wife off her friends would earn you nothing but her disdain and ire. So, it is always advisable for men to sweep their insecurities aside and accept all the male pals of their partners wholeheartedly.

Pour Your Compliments On Them

Remember, your wife or girlfriend always dresses up for you. You are the person who matters the most for her and so do your compliments. Always make it a point to try and compliment your love on the way she looks, the way she carries herself, her attire, her dress or anything else which you like about her. Do not keep your appreciation to yourself rather share it with her; it will make her very delighted and keep the excitement alive in your love life.

These were a few advices which could come in handy when you are dealing with a girl who stole your heart. Let’s hope these tips turn your love life into a bed of roses.

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