ADzero Bamboo Smartphone Review & Price

Smartphone market is witnessing a boom. With new models being launched every other day, competition is getting stiffer. High-end smartphones, with new and unique features, are in demand.

Consumers do not think twice before spending on such high-end smartphones given the value and bragging right that they get after possession. New technology and superior designing has spiced up the smartphone market and in the midst of this competition we still get to see new concepts being unveiled by young and imaginative entrepreneurs.

ADzero Bamboo Smartphone

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One such young brain has come out with the first Bamboo Smartphone. Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a 23 year old student at Middlesex University, has designed a smartphone that has a bamboo casing and has been named ADzero.

As a concept it has been able to secure for itself the requisite funding and is all set to be launched sometime in 2012.So let us get into details and explore this new concept.

ADzero Bamboo Smartphone Features


Before going into the specifications, a consumer is primarily attracted by the looks of a gadget. Hence, the concept of designer smartphones has evolved over time and brands like Ferrari and Versace have led the way.

The concept that we have here has been named ADzero by the designer, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. The concept has made use of bamboo for its body. The concept uses four-year old organic bamboo that has been treated well for longevity and durability and on top of that it has been polished to look unique.

ADzero Bamboo Smartphone Review

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The concept has chosen bamboo over other materials because of its economic viability and availability from China. The bamboo encasement not only makes the ADzero concept smartphone look good, but also makes the device lighter than the ones using glass, plastic and aluminum.

The smartphone will also sport a large capacitive screen that is touted to be bigger than the Apple iphone 4S.


The phone has been equipped with a camera whose details are yet to be specified. However, the ADzero bamboo smartphone will feature a new technology and a first for a smartphone- ‘ring-flash’.

ADzero Bamboo Smartphone price

The circular flash camera is not only good looking but also promises to produce more illumination by the way of minimizing the effect of shadows and capture perfect images for you.

User Interface

The ADzero bamboo smartphone stands out because of its looks. However, its success will also depend on its specs and performance. What we have learned so far is that the ADzero bamboo smartphone will run on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform. The full specs of the ADzero bamboo smartphone is yet to be out for analysis.

ADzero Bamboo Price and Marketing

The ADzero bamboo smartphone is rumored to go into competition with the high-end smartphones in the market and might end up being expensive. But it’s all speculation as the price is yet to be revealed and all we can do is wait for its launch.

The ADzero is to be launched in 2012. China was chosen to be the initial market for its launch. However, the company is planning to launch the gadget in the UK first and then move on to the other markets around the globe. The ‘ADzero’ will find its way in boutiques and designer stores.