Alcohol Effects On Your Sex Life

Social drinking is passé. More and more men are succumbing to excessive drinking, trying to keep up with their peers. Couples too are spending endless nights curled on a sofa in a lounge bar and drinking themselves to death. While alcohol can give you a temporary high, its ill effects are being noticed on the quality of the relationship you share with your spouse. The most notable difference is felt in the sex lives of the couple. Here are some ways in which alcohol affects your sex life.

How Alcohol Affects Your Sex Life

Alcohol Effects On Your Sex Life

Alcohol Causes Impotence

Excessive drinking can lead to impotence in men. There are lesser degrees of sexual sensitivity and many men have reported an inability in being able to sustain an erection. The quality of erection is also not good enough to achieve penetrative intercourse. Impotence can lead to inadequacy in men and sexual frustration in women.

Women Have Lesser Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is a common feature of alcoholism. The arousal response shuts down with alcohol and women find themselves having to resort to artificial lubrication. This happens due to the dehydrating effects of alcohol on the body, which depletes moisture from the vaginal tract.

Lack Of Interest In Sex

If you are too hung over after a night of excessive drinking, you are not going to be in the mood for action between the sheets. Several couples report a loss of sex drive after a night of bingeing.

Alcohol Effects On Your Sex Life

This can drastically affect your relationship, as the quality of a relationship is very dependent on the amount of sustenance it receives from sex.


Not only can alcohol lead to full-blown impotence, but it can also cause widespread infertility in both men and women. Women may find a disruption in their ovulation cycles and the quality of the eggs may also go down. The ovaries may also get damaged with prolonged drinking. Impotence too has an effect on the number of times you can engage in active intercourse to achieve a pregnancy.

Sex Becomes Mechanical

If you are too dazed or hung over, you might go in for sex, but it would be very mechanical. Many couples drinking alcohol report that sex becomes very mechanical with no real feeling or emotions attached to it.

Unsafe Sex

Alcohol Effects On Your Sex Life

One of the most dangerous effects of alcohol is the total lack of inhibition. Date rape and sex with strangers is very common with excessive drinking. This is especially true if you are high and someone spikes your drink. You are at risk of an unwanted pregnancy and a host of sexual infections like STD’s. It can also lead to acute depression and embarrassment. Unplanned pregnancies are common because you forget to take your contraception.

Hyness In Bed

One of the good effects of mild to moderate drinking is that it lets down the barriers and makes you less shy and nervous in bed. This can actually spice things up within the relationship. Mild drinking has been hailed as a mood and romance enhancer because alcohol can work as an aphrodisiac. The problems occur when you do not know when to stop and succumb to excessive drinking.