All In The Works For A Victorinox Swiss Army Timepiece

Almost everyone is familiar with “Swiss Army”; the term conjures up a top-class brand that is synonymous with quality and durability. Hence, it is not surprising that the famous Swiss Army signatory design stems from world-renowned pocketknife manufacturer, Victorinox.

High Pedigree

Victorinox is one of the few Swiss companies that can enjoy the high prestige awarded to a pocketknife supplier that supplied such simple yet completely wholesome facility to the Swiss Army forces.

Victorinox Swiss Army Timepiece

Victorinox step forth boldly a couple of years ago to rebrand itself for a stand-out by having its company name at the front as well as the centre. Not only was this an unprecedented move, it also put together skilfully mechanical timepieces as a launch into the sturdy quartz timepiece collection.

Victorinox was ready to launch its rocket of classic timepieces without looking back. It was ready to be considered as a pedigree brand, shedding off its ‘common’ local store supplier of watches.

Totally Utilitarian

Although Victorinox designed and manufactured its Swiss Army timepieces as higher end watches, these timepieces were designed to be totally utilitarian; they are very functional at time keepers with a more refined design and well tested Swiss copyrighted mechanical movements.

Swiss Army

Such Victorinox Swiss Army watches do not come cheap today; their fine workmanship and design have rightly positioned them at the entry-level luxury to high-end utility level. This is most obvious with just its Infantry Vintage timepiece that sports a mechanical day/date feature. Its full name is as long as its durability which befits a high-quality timepiece that features fun complications while being wearable anywhere anytime.

It costs barely one grand for this exquisite Victorinox Infantry Vintage timepiece and you can be sure of it that it can stand up to others that cost even more.

Unique Features

Victorinox’s Infantry Vintage is a very well thought out design piece. It sports a military-inspired dial in the shape of an olive drab with sword hands. It comes with an unadorned case that contrasts its elegant day/date movement. A full day display is set at the dial’s top with a 1950s complication.

Victorinox features

Applied and not painted dial markers with faceted hands are part of the features that distinguish this superb timepiece from a scoutmaster’s. It is a worthy timepiece for the price category it falls into.

It has to be Durable

The Victorinox Infantry Vintage Mechanical timepiece Day/Date model can only constitute as a Swiss Army piece because it is durable. Just as with its strongly reputable pocketknives, the Infantry Vintage timepiece can be depended on anywhere as proven by mountaineers and kayakers. It was designed to face adversities of all sorts; from deep rushing waters to high mountain thin air climates.


This Victorinox model comes complete with a sapphire crystal and solid link steel bracelet that makes it really stylish; a further addition of a locking clasp ensures that it is securely fastened and you will not need to be anxious about losing it anytime.

Victorinox sapphire crystal

Although some may consider its style to be conservative, others view it as classic; you will be able to put it on anytime.