All Know About Moscato Wine

The Moscato wine can be nicknamed as the wine ambassador of Italy. The wine is synonymous with the white wine flavors in the nation and is one of the most popular among first timers. This is a semi sparkling, lighter bodied, sweet white wine that is made from the Moscato grape variety.

All Know About Moscato Wine

These grapes are used to make raisins and come in different colors from white to black. Even seasoned wine enthusiasts prefer this variety, for a get-together with a light snack or fries.

Moscato Wine Recipes

Availability Of Moscato Wine

This wine is identified with the Northwest region Piedmont, popular for Moscato grape varieties, which is the source for this wine. The term “Moscato” is the Italian version for Muscat. It is the Muscat grapes in this region, from which the Moscato wine is made. Portugal and Spain are the main cultivators of Muscat grapes.

All Know About Moscato Wine

Though the wine is named as Moscato d’Asti it is popular among wine lovers as Moscato wine. For reference though Asti is the name of the town in Piedmont. This wine is produced in smaller quantities. Moscato Wine is very popular as a dessert wine all over the world and is particularly sought after in Spain, Italy, France and Slovenia.

The Fine Aroma Of Moscato Wine

This wine blend has an aromatic flavor which resembles a perfume like fragrance. It is lower on alcohol and has a sweet flavor which makes it very special. The wine is golden yellow in color and comes in different aromas. Some of them include honey-suckle, ginger, orange blossom, almonds, ripe peach and citrus combinations. The wine has mediocre acidity levels and is a fresh forward fruit line up.

All Know About Moscato Wine

With pears and citrus fruit combinations, the wine has different sweetness ranges from sweet to semi-sweet levels. The lower price varieties of Moscato are heavy on fruits, while the higher varieties are blends of sugar soaked fruits that have a fine mixture of peaches, apples, apricots, and stone fruit, with combinations of florals that are a massive hit among wine lovers.

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Moscato Wine And Food Combinations

Moscato has been categorized as one of the best dessert wines on the market. The fresh and vibrant taste of the wine needs to be combined well with delicious varieties of chilled desserts. The classic desserts like fresh berries, apple desserts, meringue pies, lemon cakes, hazelnut varieties, etc., are best when tasted with Moscato wine.

All Know About Moscato Wine

Alongside, the desserts cheese can also be a good combination with this wine variety. It tastes best with charcuterie and antipasto cheese flavors. The sweet and acidic flavor has drawn wine enthusiasts to prefer Moscato Wine over the others for brunches. The wine is popular throughout the world and comes in a variety of pricing.

The sweet flavor of the wine is best when in a festive mood and hence it comes as no surprise that the wine is being used for all festivities both big and small. Moscato wine has found friends among wine lovers and party animals alike. There are many producers of this wine variety and some of the popular ones are; Giorgio Rivetti, Castello del Poggio, Paolo Saracco, Beviamo, Jacob’s Creek, Vietti, etc.