Amazing Benefits Of A Stair Stepper

Benefits Of A Stair-Stepper A stair climber is a great piece of equipment used for getting fit as well as boosting the strength of your lower body. There are many kinds of Stair steppers available in the markets which have different kinds of features as well as price ranges, allowing you to choose what really suits your needs and budget.

There are also models of stair steppers which have a display on the machine which shows the number of calories you have burned in a specific period of time.

This will really cause you to get motivated and will help you to achieve your goals faster. There are also models which come with pre-installed workouts at many different intensity levels, which help you to perform your workouts in the desired heart rate range.

It is also very important to use your stair stepper correctly in order to benefit from it. It is recommended that you slowly increase the intensity level on your stepper so that your body gets accustomed to it.

You must try not lean forward on the machine as this can place a great amount of stress on your wrists, thereby increasing the risk of injury. Listed Below are the benefits of using a stair stepper.

Low Stress on The Lower Body

The Stair Stepper is a great way to exercise that is known to increase your agility as well as strengthening your lower body. The movements which are performed in stair climbing machine is effective in working all the muscles of the lower body. It also helps in strengthening the legs and protects the ligaments and the tendons .

This is helpful in reducing the immense stress on the joints and ligaments of the lower body that cause pain and is a common experience when performing strenuous exercises such as jogging and running.

Stair Stepping machines are good for those who are suffering from hip or lower back pain. It is also known to reduce the risk of acquiring diseases such as osteoarthritis which is a common disease of the joint and the hips.

Efficient Calorie Burner

The Stair Stepper is known to very effective in burning calories when used in a correct manner. The calories you burn when performing the exercise on the stair stepping machine is highly dependent on the intensity at which you perform the exercise and your current body weight.

When performing the exercise at a high intensity for one hour, you can burn as much as 700 calories which is much more that the calories you would burn on a stationary bike. Moving your arms when performing the exercise will help you to burn calories as you are using more muscle groups to perform the exercise.

It has been observed that those people who incorporate stair stepper exercises into their fitness regime are less prone to suffering from dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure or heart conditions.

Convenience and Safety

The stair stepper is very convenient to use and is available with hand rails which help you to support yourself from falling off when performing the exercise. It is also a good alternative to outdoor cardio exercises as you can perform this exercise indoors under suitable climatic conditions.


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To make your workouts more interesting, you can switch on the television, listen to music or even read a magazine by fixing it securely on the front rail of the stepper.

Increases Endurance

Stepper Exercises are very helpful in boosting your endurance especially when performing exercises for the lower body. The stepper will help to strengthen your legs when you workout intensely using the stepper.

When exercising on the stepper, make sure to allow only your legs to perform the specific exercise. Ensure that you do not lean your body forward when performing the exercise movement.

Efficient Workout

Stair Climbing involves both cardio and resistance type of exercises which helps you to save on time as it combines both the types of training in one session. It is known to be more effective than carrying weights and walking for a period of time.

Several studies have proves that stair climbing is much more difficult than brisk walking as it helps indivisuals to reach peak exertion  in a very short span of time compared to other cardio exercises.


When performing stair climbing, the large muscle groups such as the glutes, hamstrings and the quadriceps are targeted, that play a major role in fat reduction. When you workout using the stair climber, the larger muscles are worked, causing the resting metabolic rate to increase which increases the amount of calories you burn while resting.

The number of mitochondria in your body’s cells is also significantly increased when performing stair climbing exercises. It is important to note that the amount of fat you burn at rest and the production of aerobic energy are associated with the number of mitochondria.

Muscle conditioning

The Stair Stepper is known to be very effective in building the lower body as it places great stress on the muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, as well as the calves. There are also several stair climbers available which help you to increase the resistance, and are excellent to continually challenge the muscles.

The mechanism of the stair stepper enables you to have a full range of motion that targets all the muscles of the lower body which helps to increase your lower body strength.

Sports Specificity

Stair Steppers are very helpful for those involved in different kinds of sports such as football, rock-climbing, trekking and the like. If you participate in sports such as these, you must make use of a stair stepper. Using a stair stepper on a regular basis will help increase your stamina by leaps and bounds.

If the sports you are participating in or plan on participating in involve running or walking at a fast pace, you can use your stair stepper at a rapid speed. If the sports or exercises involve slower movement, your exercises routines could be modified so as to include stair stepper usage at a comparatively slower speed.

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