Amazing Benefits Of Neem Leaf

Benefits Of Neem Leaf Neem has been used in Indian ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years in order to treat several medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer and stomach disorders.

It has been found that neem possesses more than 135 compounds that are effective in treating inflammation, fever, high blood sugar and bacteria. Listed Below are some of the benefits of Neem Leaf.

Neem Leaf For Dental Care

Neem has proven to be beneficial in getting rid of plaque and bacteria, according to a study conducted for men between the ages of 20 to 30. Neem extract gel is known to be more beneficial than commercial mouthwash that contains 2 percent strength of chlorhexidine gluconate.

According to other studies, people who suffer from chronic gum inflammation may experience reduction in the inflammation after using the extract from neem leaves as a mouthwash for two weeks.

It is helpful in preventing tooth decay due to the fact that it plays an important role in destroying the harmful bacteria that causes it. You can add half a teaspoon or 1 gram of neem leaf extract on your toothbrush and brush your teeth using it, twice daily.

Neem Leaf For Anti-cancer

Preparations made from the neem leaf are known to possess anti-cancer properties. Neem leaf is known to induce T-lymphoyctes, a kind of white blood cells which destroy cancer cells.

Neem Leaf For Treating Stomach Ulcers

The extract from the neem leaves is known to be effective in treating peptic ulcers. In countries like India, the extract from neem leaves or bark is used in the treatment of digestive problems, malaria, intestinal parasites and stomach ulcers. It is recommended that in order to treat stomach ulcers using neem, you must consume 30-60 mg of the extract of neem leaf twice daily.

Neem Leaf For Treating Respiratory Ailments and Fever

Neem Leaf is used in places like India in order to effectively treat Respiratory diseases, fevers, and viruses as well. Neem is known to posses anti-microbial, anti-viral and antifungal properties in addition to the antibacterial properties it possesses.

If you want to treat fever, respiratory diseases, inflammation and bacterial diseases using neem, it must be consumed orally. It is recommended that you consume around 2 to 4 teaspoons of neem leaf juice two to three times daily.

Neem Leaf For Treating Skin Disorders

Neem leaves are known to possess antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which make it an effective treatment for skin disorders. The traditional ayurvedic method of using neem leaves is to crush the leaves and apply the paste on the wounds, eczema, sores, ringworm infections as well as acne cure.

It is also helpful in treating fungal infections as well. In order to teat skin disorders using neem, you must apply a cream that contains at least 5 percent neem leaf extract on the affected areas twice daily.

Neem Leaf For Hair and Nails

The topical application of neem leaf extract is known to be of great importance for the hair and nails. When rubbed into the scalp, it is helpful in getting rid of dandruff and improving the health of the scalp. It is also known to be beneficial in stopping hair fall. When applied on the nails, it is helpful in reducing the brittleness, cracking and yellowing of the nails.