An Insight Into Men And Their Erections

Erection is a term that’s very closely associated with men. It refers to the stiffness of the reproductive organ of men, i.e. penis. A male genital is small in size in normal condition, i.e. without erection. But it grows double its size within a few minutes along with gaining stiffness during erection.

An Insight Into Men And Their Erections

Though erection is a normal and common biological phenomena but it still wonders people and instills many questions in the minds of men. It often makes women similarly inquisitive and curious about the biological process known as erection. Questions such as why this erection happens and how it is stimulated and a bundle of other such queries regarding the process and the sensation & feelings associated with it appear in one’s mind.

This article will try to answer a few of the common questions that generate in a person’s mind and might have disturbed or interested you too in some point of time or the other. So read on and find out more about men and erections.

How Does Erection Happen

One of the most common queries that occurs to most people is about the changes in a man’s body that leads to an erection. Men and women often are curious to know how exactly erection takes place in a man. Basically, erection of a male penis is directed by a signal from the brain.

Any sexual thought or imagination, any touch that triggers sexual anxiety or any visual that directly or indirectly feeds the sexual desire or imagination of a man causes the brain to send signals to his genital. This stimulates the body of the man, particularly the spongy and cavernous area of the male body, thus arousing him sexually and causing the arteries to grow in size to twice their diameter.

During sexual excitement the Ebner’s cushions open and allow the blood to flow in and fill up the cavernae resulting in the spongy area to grow in size. Flow of blood creates pressure on the veins along with stopping the blood to continue its normal flow which results in the blood getting trapped in the penis. This is when erection occurs as the male organ becomes rigid and erect. So, erection in a man takes place due to the biological changes explained above and it is not in a man’s power to control, regulate or prevent an erection from occurring.

Morning Erection

Morning erection or Nocturnal erection as it is often referred to as, is a common occurrence in men. Men often wake up in the morning with an erect penis. But it must be noted that morning erection is different from sexual erections.

Morning Erection

That is because morning erection does not occur due to any kind of indulgence in any sexual activity neither it is a sign of arousal. Yet it is a very pleasurable feeling for men. This usually happens while a man is in his sleep and dreaming irrespective of what the dream was about.

Effect Of Health Condition, Age And Physical Exhaustion On Erection

Erection also depends on the health condition of a man. Ill health, fatigue, tiredness or extreme physical exertion may result in partial erection. However, the concerned man may still be able to climax. With passing time and age a man’s body and brain tend to slow down the process of erection thus delaying it.

Gradually men lose the capability of having erection at all. Initially during the age induced biological changes the erection that occurs is not that firm but it is still sufficient for a sexual intercourse. Gradually, getting an erection becomes a slow process finally leading to complete absence of erections.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is a condition when men are unable to maintain their erection for sufficient or long enough time so that they can indulge in sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the most common problem or reason of impotence in men and is often linked with their fears and psychological problems.

Erectile Dysfunction

There are very few men whose erectile dysfunction is actually related to any physical problem. Men who fear having sex with their partners often have a damaging effect on their physical and mental health which leads to erectile dysfunction.

Normal Duration Of Erection

There is no fixed duration that can be generalized and said to be the normal duration of erection for all men. The normal duration of erection varies from man to man. While one man can have an erection of a longer period, another man may get his erection for a much lesser time span.

When a man has an erection and he can keep it till he has a satisfactory sexual intercourse and ejaculation thereafter, it is considered to be normal for the particular person. On an average an erection of duration of 30-45 minutes is sufficient and might be said to be normal for a man.

It is also quite possible that during longer period of foreplay a man may lose his erection but it should not be taken as a sign of impotence or less interest in sexual activity.

Relation Of Anxiety, Erection And Impotence

Among the various other factors that affect the erectile function of men, anxiety has a strong place. The anxiety level of a man often controls his erectile functioning. Anxiety often regulates both emotional as well as physical well being of men.

If a man becomes too anxious or stressed about his sexual performance or to perform better during intercourse, he might start suffering from fear of failure and lose confidence in himself. This may finally lead to a condition where he fails to have an erection. At the same time, during anxiety the brain releases a chemical called “neurotransmitter” which hampers the muscles of the penis and the arteries. As a result of this chemical the flow of blood into penis reduces while increasing the flow of blood from the penis which automatically reduces the chance of erection.

The topic of male erections is vast and it is not quite possible to cover all aspects of it or related matters to it in one single article. However, an attempt to cover the major queries regarding erection along with the most important aspects and factors have been put together in this article to help you answer your queries and concerns about erections.