Asus X201 Ultra Notebook Review

Asus has proudly added a new model to its range of notebooks which is called as Asus X201 Ultra Notebook. It was introduced at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Indeed; it’s the lightest device they managed to develop. You can’t call it an ultra book exactly due to its lower power processor, and hard drives instead of solid state storage.

Considering this point, it will be available at lower prices than any other ultra book available in the market. It will be available in Intel Pentium Dual Core, Intel Celeron dual core models or third generations of Intel Ivy Bridge platform to cater to the power and performance required for executing daily activities.

Asus X201 Ultra Notebook Features

Look & Feel

The laptop has a low power processor with three USB ports. It has a stylish and vibrant design to match the current market trend. You will find a chiclet style black keyboard embedded in this laptop with a sliver/gray background. This ensures the solid typing for comfort.

Look & Feel

It has 11.6 inch display, HDMI, VGA and SD card slot. Since it’s thin and of a light weight, the device is handy and can be used while traveling too. You will have a user friendly experience because of the large touch pad offered by the device.  The supported operating system for this laptop is Windows 8.


While selecting any handy device, we are very conscious about selecting the color of any device or product we use. Color has to synchronize with our taste, trend, fashion and the current standards available in the market.


To ensure that users get multiple options, Asus X201 has been released in multi colors i.e. with black, blue, white and pink lids. Blue being the color for young boys, and pink one would be preferred by the girls.

Richer Sound System

To develop an impactful sound system for this device, SonicMaster audio technology has been used. The voice quality is clear and bundled with deeper bass. Ranging from music to speeches, the quality is immaculate. Use and feel the difference!

Technical Specifications

To enhance the performance and multimedia output, this laptop is powered by 4GB DDR3 video memory. It’s backed up by Intel® Core™ i3, Pentium™ or Celeron™ processors. By default, 4 GB of RAM and up to 750 GB of hard drive space is available.

Technical Specifications

The standby time is longer than other laptops, and it turns on instantly and without taking much time due to the fast resume technology. Thus, it reduces the time wasted during long reboots. Many user oriented innovations will be found in its configuration and functionality to make it popular among the consumers. This technological configuration of the laptop gives best performance to the user.

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Cloud based Storage

Storing the content is a common feature offered by almost all the devices we use these days. Be it a desktop, any laptop, phone, USB’s you will get the option to save your data.

However, Asus X201 not just lets you store the information; it does something more than that!It gives you the privilege to access your documents, photos, music from any device with 32GB storage space for 3 years. You have the option to synchronize the file instantly and real time updates will be saved for every item on the Web storage. Thus, it allows an easy and quick access for you to share the information with your friends and relatives.

Asus X201 Ultra Notebook Price & Availability

Asus X201 Ultra Notebook currently Priced at $1,900.