7 Attractive Funky Accessories For Men

7 Attractive Funky Accessories For Men Accessories enhance a man’s personality. It adds glamour, class and style to your ensemble. Some men are flamboyant by nature and they like to wear funky accessories to match with their dress. Funky accessories for men come in a wide range and you can choose the one that suits your personality. But avoid over doing it otherwise funky accessories may dominate your ensemble and appear loud and garish.

Attractive Funky Accessories for Men

Funky Watches

Watches are an inseparable part of men’s accessories. There is a large variety of funky watches available in the market. Funky watches come in different shapes and sizes, like a big dial watch shaped like a skull. Funky watches create an impact and they make a style statement. Funky watch is an accessory that is functional as well as fashionable.

Funky Watches

Funky Belts

Funky belt underlines your personality. Though a belt is purely functional, but it becomes a style statement by the way you wear it. Funky belts come studded with Swarovski and stones. The buckles are broad and glistening. They are mostly made of white or yellow metal. They also may carry some logo or initials. You can get funky belts personalized by getting your initials engraved on them.

Funky Belts

Funky Stud Earrings

Funky stud earrings worn in one ear by men creates a fashion statement. Stud earrings are made in silver, gold or any other metal like copper or brass. Funky studs add ruggedness to your personality.

Funky Stud Earrings

Funky Bracelets

Funky bracelet is the most popular accessory among men. Funky bracelets for men come in form of a wrist band or a cuff bangle for every day wear. It has open ends and it can be stretched to fit all sizes. Funky Bracelets   Funky men’s bracelets also come in the shape of bike chain. It is durable and has a weighty feel. It is mostly preferred by men who love to ride bikes. It adds to their personality.

Funky Neck Ties

A Funky Neck Tie adds life to a dull shirt and it livens up the whole look. Funky neck tie draws focus towards the neck and even if you are wearing a sober plain suit, your tie will catch every body’s attention and can even become an interesting piece of conversation. The colourful broad ties of the 70s are quite in vogue these days. Funky Neck Ties

Funky Shoes

Funky platform shoes are worn to create an impact at a party. You can add a charm to a simple outfit by pairing it with funky platform shoes. Funky shoes are sometimes made in two colours like black and white, beige and brown to make them more fashionable. They are capable of drawing attention away from a dull suit. Funky Shoes

Funky Caps

The most versatile of all funky accessories for men is the funky cap. Funky cap or hat is worn by so many movie stars and famous personalities that it has become their signature ensemble. A funky hat or a cap can add to your personality only by the way you wear it. You can wear a golf cap the other way round or wear a felt hat at an angle to create a funky look. Funky Caps come in various colours and designs to choose from. Funky Caps