Audi R8 Limo Price And Review

How the car would appear which has the looks of limousine and features of Audi’s supercar R8? Well, if you are still making the sketch of such automobile in your mind, stop thinking and behold your eyes to be the witness of one of the most astonishing charisma of 2012 – Audi R8 Limo Broker. The fastest limo ever, this super long car is custom-built by Limo Broker in collaboration with Carbonyte UK and due to be launched in summers of 2012.

Stretched version of two seater speed machine Audi R8, this exotic limo will sport a total of 8 seats as its designing unit has added six more seats to the sportscar to turn into a true salon car.

Audi R8 Limo Review
Limo Broker has been experimenting with cars and redesigning them into Limousines, as Fiat 500 Limo and Ferrari 360 Modena Limo have already been launched by the company previously. Though, these experiments have also made the premium Limo service brand face criticism, the latest amalgamation of comfy limousine with performance friendly R8 is seen as a wonder car which has left a lot to anticipate. Well, it is in future’s hand that how this super limo performs on the road of reality; we can have a close look of details that are proffered by its designers till date.

Features of Audi R8 Limo


Audi R8 Limo Exterior With a front of Audi R8, its Limo version astonishes in an incredible white color body. The car will be the first of its type to have eight gull-wing doors.


The performance car by premium car making company could accommodate only two persons but its Limo version has capability to take entire family on luxury drive. The conjunction of Limo Broker and Carbonyte UK has placed six more sports bucket seat in the car to give this super limo a complete look and feel of luxury carriage.

Audi R8 Limo Interior

Ahead of those comfortable only Limos, this super fast Limo seems to be a treat for those who wanted to relish the pleasure of Limo ride in super fast pace.


The manufacturing unit of Limousine incarnation of Audi R8 has decided to retain the original engine in the stretched version too. This 5.2 liter FSI V-10 engine is of 528 horsepower capability which touches the speed of 187mph when fitted in original version of the sports car. Another advantage of this engine is its tremendous acceleration and deceleration, as Audi R8 can reach to the speed of 60mph within 3.8sec and can decelerate similarly. Since, Audi R8 Limo sports the same engine, its performance is predicted to be the same.


Audi R8 Limo performance This super Limousine is yet to be launched, so the performance cannot be assessed, however, its designers are claiming that this car would be as desirable as the sportscar is.

Concept Behind The Design

Topnotch Limo renting company of United Kingdom, Limo Broker and custom-made vehicle manufacturing company, Carbonyte UK came under one umbrella to design a car which could be utterly comfortable and superbly fast. Since Limousine tops the chart in luxury and Audi R8 is the best selection in performance car segment, Audi R8 Limousine will fulfill expectations of those who had been looking for an exceptionally good Super Limo for their joy rides.

Audi R8 Limo Price

Limo Broker has designed this Limousine to include it in its fleet of Limo Rental Service, so expected price is not announced.