Basic Finger Nail Care For Men

Men are infinitely more practical and non-fussy than women. You will rarely see a man spend all his hard-earned money on grooming products. Needless to say, a well-groomed man is an epitomy of perfection, charm and charisma. Fingernail care forms an integral part of a man’s grooming needs even though it is vastly underrated.

Men are more inclined to hard manual labour, working long and arduous hours near heavy machinery. Hence, their fingernails are bound to get dirty. Their hands are also rougher and calloused. While I am not insisting that men go in for spa manicures, basic fingernail care will give you beautiful, well kept hands, which are a definite turn on with the fairer sex.

Basic Finger Nail Care For Men

Basic Finger Nail Care For Men

Cleaning The Nails

Since dirt tends to get accumulated underneath the fingernails, it is important to keep them clean. Use a fingernail brush for this purpose. Scrub your nails clean after every shower to remove dead fingernail cells and grime.

Trimming And Clipping

While women can get away with long nails, men cannot. Long nails on a man look ghastly and unmanly. They also look relatively unkempt. Chalk out a weekly schedule for yourself, which includes trimming and clipping the nails. Use a special nail clipper meant for men. While clipping, trim the tips and the sides of the nails.

Shaping And Filing

Take a regular nail file or an emery board and shape your nails into a neat, oval shape. This will make your nails look pristine. If time permits, buff the nails with a nail buffer. A buff will add a natural shine to your nails. Filing will also get rid of sharp and jagged edges.

Basic Finger Nail Care For Men

Removing Hangnails And Cuticles

Hangnails are small pieces of protruding skin from the sides of your nails. They are annoying and can be quite painful if left neglected. They can also become infected. Do not try to pull put the hangnail as it can lead to pain and bleeding. Simply clip them with a nail clipper so that they do not cause irritation. Cuticles need not be removed but can simply be softened by using a good cuticle cream.  Push the cuticles back instead of clipping them.

Moisturizing The Hands

Since hands tend to get rough with time, moisturizing your nails and hands is a part of basic nail care. A good moisturizer will protect your hands from the first signs of aging and will make them softer to the touch.

Removing Stains

If you have stubborn food stains on your nails, try a lemon and vinegar solution to clean the nails. This will help to remove the stains and keep the nails clean.

Dealing With Nail Fungus

Men in general are more prone to nail fungus. Older men with diabetes have to take special care of their nails. Nail rot is very common amongst them. If you are suffering from nail fungus, have it shown to a good dermatologist who can prescribe an effective treatment for the same. With the above tips, most men can easily maintain proper nail care.

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