Become A Gentleman With These Essential Grooming Tips

Essential Grooming Tips Being a gentleman is not only about opening doors for ladies, dressing to please, talking politely and showing off as a true charmer. There are other simpler things that if not heeded or taken into consideration, can make you look like an uncultured fool in front of others.

So here are some of those rather simple tricks and tips that can transform you into the perfect gentleman. Remember, at the end of the day it’s all about how comfortable others feel around you and how much you try to accommodate the feelings of everyone around you.

Grooming Tips To Become A Gentleman

Cutting A Conversation

One of the rudest things you can do to offend a person is to cut his/her conversation short in order to put your point across. Trying to butt in on a conversation even if you are not spoken to, can make you look ill mannered and downright idiotic as well. So unless the conversation centres on something you are familiar with or someone speaks to you, don’t reply back or try to jump in.

Cell Phone Hassles

Of course we all love to flaunt our pricey gadgets from time to time. But too much of that can become a headache. Pretending to listen to a conversation at a table while secretly sending tweets, updates or messages to your online friends can be a pretty rude and offensive action, possibly indicating that you do not have even an ounce of respect for those who are seated with you.

Presence & Punctuality Makes A Mark

Essential Grooming Tips

Responding to an invitation in the affirmative and then not making it to the function can project you in the bad light. You would most probably know whether you would be able to make it to the function or not (excluding unforeseen emergencies). So be clear about it when you respond to the invitation. Your host would most probably feel less offended than if you said yes and didn’t show up later.

If you say you would be at a place at a specific time, be there on time. Nothing is worse than calling a person you were supposed to meet 10 minutes earlier and telling him/her that you are on your way and would be there in another 10 minutes.

Eating And Talking

No one likes a person talking with a mouth full of food. It just doesn’t look nice. So refrain from saying anything (even if you are spoken to) if you have food in your mouth. And don’t try to swallow the food in a hurried attempt to say something. Swallow the food at a normal pace and then reply back to the person who spoke to you.

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The No Slag Off Rule

Let’s say your best buddy broke up with his long time girlfriend and is heartbroken about the same. What do you do? Instead of cheering him up, you start attacking his ex, bad mouthing her to everyone you know. What’s so bad about that you ask? Well, chances are that your best buddy and his ex may get together in the future again, leaving you the tag of ‘the bad guy’ and a lost friend.

Mailing Etiquette

Essential Grooming Tips

When sending a mail, avoid splashing the message with emoticons and words like ‘lolz’. In addition to being extremely unprofessional, these can make you look rather childish and immature.

Avoid sending spam mails to your dear ones and make it a point to throw all those chain mails into the trash, no matter how dire the consequences are reported to be. Only send those mails you know would be meaningful to those who receive them. And avoid sending mass mails to many people at once. Send the mail individually to each person with a personal note.