Benefits Of Barefoot Walking & Running

Benefits Of Barefoot Walking Walking barefoot has been an uncharted territory but several health professionals are raving about its benefits. 6000 years back most people in ancient times used to walk and move from place to place barefoot. They were also hardier despite the fact that their feet took a toll in rough weather and terrain.

There is no denying that barefoot walking and running has its own benefits, which have been vastly misunderstood. In fact, several shoe manufacturers and manufacturers of sports shoes are producing shoes that replicate the feeling of walking barefoot. Here are some of the researches benefits of walking and running barefoot.

Advantages Of Barefoot Walking & Running

Our Feet Are Natural Shock Absorbers

Nothing works better than our naked feet in protecting our leg ligaments and joints against significant wear and tear. Many fitness enthusiasts are running barefoot on the treadmill in order to better serve their feet. It has been seen that running barefoot leads to stronger legs and calves.

Reduction Of Corns, Bunions And Calluses

Footwear has a dark side to it. Incorrect and uncomfortable footwear can lead to corns, bunions and calluses. By giving your feet a break and walking barefoot for extended periods, this problem is greatly reduced. Of course this cannot be done while you are at work, but spending some resting hours barefoot will allow your feet to breathe. Open sores and blisters will heal faster when they are exposed to some fresh air.

Reduction In Toe Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is one of the most difficult foot problems to get rid of and the problem exacerbates with footwear. This is because the fungus has a moist breeding ground to grow in. Walking, running and moving around barefoot helps to diminish the problem of toenail fungus especially if you have been trying to get rid of it.

Good Posture

Walking and running barefoot causes a change in your gait and leads to better posture. It puts less stress on the heel and reduces the jarring effects of footwear.

Benefits Of Barefoot Walking

Thus if you have been wearing heels late, it is bound to take a toll on your feet and posture. Walking bare feet may be a good idea to give your feet much needed rest.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Walking bare feet also leads to better blood circulation. This is because your foot comes in direct contact with a hard surface, which is what they are naturally meant for. Walking on grass especially is said to promote good blood circulation.

Walking On Sand

Most people derive tremendous solace from walking and running barefoot on the sand. Splashing in seawater and walking bare feet can be very calming, relaxing and therapeutic.

One must however exercise extreme caution while walking bare feet. This is because of the large number of environmental pollutants that are seen in the atmosphere. Glass, excreta, stones, gravel can all damage the feet and cause pain and injuries. In such cases, it is better to exercise caution and restraint while walking bare feet. Walking bare feet on the sand, home or grass is highly advisable for all the above benefits.

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